Back-End Developer

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Back-End Developer

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Full-time, Nijmegen, the Netherlands

Hurry up! We’ve got a dream to build!

BlueConic is an international start-up that’s growing fast. Due to this growth we are looking for colleagues to work within, and contribute to, our team of experienced software developers, building our market-leading software. This job will open up new horizons for you and gives you the change to work on our platform using leading edge technologies like Amazon Web Services (AWS), OSGi, Docker and Node.js.

So, you will build the best product in the world with us?

About BlueConic

Everyday BlueConic helps marketers build more relevant connections with their customers, improving the user experience and driving better outcomes. Our customers use BlueConic to recognize customers as they hop from website to social media to email to mobile, gathering valuable insights on customers’ behavior, needs and wants. They use BlueConic to share this data with other back-office applications. Based on these deep insights, BlueConic is able to select and offer the most relevant next experience. Real-time and across all channels, optimizing the customer journey in a revolutionary new way. We’re headquartered in Boston and our development team works from Nijmegen, the Netherlands.

More than 200 Brands currently using the platform, like Voetbal International, Ajax, PSV, The Boston Globe and Volvo. Your work will be seen by millions.

You can get additional background about us here:

About the job

We’re looking for both starting and experienced Software Developers to join our platform team. Together with the team of software developers already in place at BlueConic, you will help us architect, build and scale the platform and even contribute to the expansion of our software. You’re a fit if you are interested in marketing, architecture, the operation of multi platforms, browser and mobile devices.

As a BackEnd Developer you will have the chance to work on development tasks in Java, HTML5/CSS, JavaScript, Node.js and iOS/Android. This is a great opportunity to work on our platform using leading edge technologies like Amazon Web Services (AWS), OSGi, Docker and Node.js. A sense of humor and an enthusiasm for participating in discussions about random things on Slack are also a must.

We are looking for someone with at least some of the following skills:
  • Education in computer science or other beta study (at least HBO level)
  • Experience with creating and designing RESTful APIs
  • Experience in Java development
  • Experience with, or interest in, distributed data systems like Apache Cassandra, Apache Spark, Solr, Docker, Amazon Web services
  • Experience with node.js
  • Experience with Dojo UI Framework or other UI frameworks
  • Experience in building mobile SDKs (Android and iOS)
  • Experience in a high traffic DevOps environment where code needs to be constantly optimized and improved
You will be a great fit if:
  • You are passionate and enthusiastic
  • Live in the eastern part of the Netherlands
  • Have good communication skills in Dutch and English (Dutch is a must)
  • Think in (practical) architectures
  • You are solution oriented
  • You have deep interest or experience in Big Data
  • You have deep interest or experience with AI/ML, analytics, business intelligence, Big Data Analytics
  • You have deep interest or experience with building platforms
  • You’re fascinated with all things technology
  • You try to do the impossible because you just think that it should be possible
You will an even better fit if:
  • You have an opinion about the design of our REST APIs and our JavaScript APIs
  • Are intrigued or already know about the possibilities of HyperLogLog in combination with faceting in Apache Solr
  • Understand in one read why our Chrome Extension is useful
  • Know why we didn’t use AWS Lambda but sandbox node.js processes in Docker ourselves
  • Have monkey patched open source libraries on high traffic websites to prevent temporary problems on a SaaS environment
  • Understand why we needed to create node-oom-heapdump
Reasons to join us
  • Be part of a dynamic and professional, very seasoned team (most of our engineers have more than 10 years’ experience)
  • Take advantage of great opportunities for career progression
  • You want to work with the very latest tools and tech
  • Help build the best marketing technology product there is
  • Enjoy Competitive salary, 28 days off, a laptop and cell phone, travel expenses and a good retirement pension

Do you think this is the perfect place for you to start your career? To join our team, please apply through the link below or send your resume and cover letter to: and we will get in touch with you!

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