100 million profiles under management and 4 billion interactions served

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100 million profiles under management and 4 billion interactions served

Interest in Online Engagement continues to grow. Engagement rules, not only on all kinds of news and blog sites, but also at marketing events. And rightly so! Engagement through personal, relevant communication results in increased customer satisfaction and loyalty and a higher turnover. As a provider of Online Engagement solutions, BlueConic underlines this trend: BlueConic customers have already created more than 100 million profiles and conducted more than 4 billion interactions!

Online Engagement is based on continuously listening to individual online visitors. By using all this information, it is possible to immediately provide highly relevant information or interactions that best suit a particular client at that particular moment. An analysis has shown that since June 2012, BlueConic customers have created more than 100 million online profiles and conducted as many as 4 billion interactions via the Online Engagement platform. Among other things, this platform helps new and existing customers to select a supplier, to purchase a product or to renew a subscription rather than cancel it.

Study supports the Engagement trend

Engagement is a hot topic and this was confirmed by a recent study, conducted by Utrecht University among 15,000 marketers in the Netherlands and the United States. Ninety percent say they use Online Engagement in their aim to achieve higher levels of customer satisfaction. Fifteen percent of the respondents already use Online Engagement tools and nearly sixty percent say they are considering it. The study clearly shows that Online Engagement is growing rapidly and that marketers are getting promising results.

About BlueConic

BlueConic is the leader in user-driven marketing, empowering digital marketers to optimize customer journeys from discovery to conversion.  Delivered from the cloud, the BlueConic platform enables marketers to guide users, whether anonymous or known, across all digital touch points to improve engagement.  More than 70 brands currently leverage the platform to drive cross sell and up sell initiatives, increase conversions and decrease waste to grow incremental sales and revenue, including Volvo, ING and Ahold. Founded in 2010, the company is headquartered in Boston, with offices in Europe.  Learn more at www.blueconic.com.  Follow us on Twitter (@BlueConic) and like us on Facebook.

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