BlueConic Delivers Unparalleled Marketing Outcomes by Synchronizing Data Across a Siloed Ecosystem

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BlueConic Delivers Unparalleled Marketing Outcomes by Synchronizing Data Across a Siloed Ecosystem

Digital marketing platform adds new capabilities to help marketers seamlessly connect data and applications across the entire marketing stack

BOSTON – February 25, 2015 – BlueConic, the platform that enables marketers to translate customer intent into action, today announced it has expanded its capabilities to give marketers greater flexibility to build and execute their marketing programs.

Marketers are challenged with a continuous stream of distinct and disconnected data sources, interaction channels, systems and analytical methods that leave them without a current and comprehensive picture of their users which is required to drive optimal interactions across channels. With this release, BlueConic makes it simpler for marketers to connect siloed data stores into individualized views of the customer to drive better marketing outcomes and obtain more value from their technology investments.

An actionable view of the individual requires a platform that is designed for integration and connectivity – increasingly important priorities for marketers as they rely on disparate technologies to help them engage with consumers across channels and devices. BlueConic’s new Quick Connections takes the hard work out of connecting separated marketing applications into a single, rich view of the customer that is actionable in real time.

Built on a flexible Rest API structure, Quick Connections enables marketers to easily integrate BlueConic with platforms like Salesforce, Google Universal Analytics, Facebook Connect and a host of additional customer relationship management systems (CRM), data management platforms (DMP) and content management systems (CMS), allowing for a direct exchange of information and data between previously compartmentalized components within the marketing stack.

In addition, BlueConic has expanded its Platform Plugins to enhance marketers’ ability to provide additional insights into individual customer behaviors. The customer segmentation functionality allows marketers to create their own robust segmentation quickly and easily. Additional new features include the ability to compare outcomes by time period and standalone dashboards developed for easier consumption of the data generated by or connected to BlueConic.

As author Scott Brinker explains in a recent blog post, customer data platforms (CDPs) are: “able to pull data from many different sources, in high volume, into a centralized repository. Here they correlate and connect the dots, striving to offer a more complete view of customers… they (CDPs) often emphasize the large number of ‘characteristics’ — essentially data fields, but possibly dynamic or unstructured ones — that they track for each prospect or customer.” In the case of BlueConic’s open platform, the number of profiles and attributes collected is infinite and all are available to leverage across the entire marketing stack.

“We’ve built BlueConic to help marketers identify, understand and interact with customers on an individual basis. This release is another step in our commitment to improving marketing outcomes at a faster rate, without the need to rip and replace existing marketing applications and without reliance on IT organizations,” said Bart Heilbron, CEO and Co-founder of BlueConic. “With this latest release, marketers can quickly synchronize and leverage their existing marketing ecosystem within the BlueConic platform, to drive richer, more meaningful customer engagement.”

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The future of marketing hinges on the ability to identify, understand, and interact with customers on an individual basis. It is our mission to drive better outcomes by translating intent into insight to improve marketers’ actions. More than 70 brands, including Volvo, Boston Globe, ING and Ahold, currently leverage the platform to drive cross-sell and upsell initiatives, increase conversions and decrease waste to grow incremental sales and revenue. Founded in 2010, the company is headquartered in Boston, with offices in Europe.  Follow us on Twitter @BlueConic and “Like” us on Facebook.

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