BlueConic Introduces Contextual Dialogues

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BlueConic Introduces Contextual Dialogues

New Contextual Dialogues allows marketers to intuitively add individual relevancy to any interaction within the cross-channel customer journey.

BOSTON – BlueConic, the real-time system of online customer engagement, today introduced Contextual Dialogues, allowing marketers to both visually follow and optimize the customer journey for the first time.

These two processes used to be both very isolated and technical, especially as customers hop from channel to channel. BlueConic’s new Contextual Dialogues allows marketers to overcome these challenges, enabling them to focus on growing conversion without burdening their IT department.

Marketers today are tasked with engaging customers across an increasingly complex, multi-channel buying journey while making sure the experience is consistent and relevant through all touch points. To further complicate matters, customers have come to expect a personalized experience no matter the channel on which they engage with a brand.

In the past marketers have tackled this challenge by strategizing around what segments of visitors would receive which message to best persuade them to take the next step toward purchasing. Implementing those strategies, however, has always been an IT-intensive effort, leading marketers to spend hours working with their colleagues in the IT department to get messages in place, without the option to quickly test and rework content.

With BlueConic’s new Contextual Dialogues, marketers can serve individuals better than ever before by experimenting with and tweaking messages within the customer journey to improve the chances those individuals move closer to conversion – all without having to make a call to IT.

BlueConic’s Contextual Dialogues are an addition to the recently introduced customer journey simulation, which lives inside the BlueConic platform and allows marketers to provide the most relevant content, promotion or offer to the right individual. The cloud-based technology provides unprecedented visibility into each customer’s experience, letting marketers understand individuals’ journeys across different channels.

The solution’s new Contextual Dialogues takes that intelligence and uses it to provide visitors with fully optimized messages, unique to their personal customer journey, all with a drag of the mouse.

“We are continuously investing in new and better ways for marketers to make their customers’ journeys more relevant,” said Bart Heilbron, CEO and co-founder, BlueConic. “Marketers today are pulled in so many directions, tasked with delivering customized content across various touch points like never before. The introduction of Contextual Dialogues is a new stride in customer journey optimization and allows marketers to work on getting messages right with the simple click of a button, independent of the underlying technology.”

By combining Big Data profiling, real-time decision-making, and the power of cloud, BlueConic is helping marketers deliver the most appropriate customer interactions, across channels to improve conversion rates.

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BlueConic is the leader in user-driven marketing, empowering digital marketers to optimize customer journeys from discovery to conversion.  Delivered from the cloud, the BlueConic platform enables marketers to guide users, whether anonymous or known, across all digital touch points to improve engagement.  More than 70 brands currently leverage the platform to drive cross sell and up sell initiatives, increase conversions and decrease waste to grow incremental sales and revenue, including Volvo, ING and Ahold. Founded in 2010, the company is headquartered in Boston, with offices in Europe.  Learn more at  Follow us on Twitter (@BlueConic) and like us on Facebook.

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