BlueConic Seamlessly Connects Mobile And Web Experiences

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BlueConic Seamlessly Connects Mobile And Web Experiences

BlueConic Seamlessly Connects Mobile And Web Experiences: Enhanced functionality in the platform drives fully integrated cross-channel engagement

Boston – May 21, 2015 – -BlueConic, the platform that enables marketers to translate customer intent into action, today revolutionizes cross-channel and cross-device customer engagement with the latest release of its platform. The profiles that BlueConic creates for every visitor to a digital property are more versatile and flexible for use in any channel in real time, providing marketers the ability to create truly individualized mobile in-app experiences based on that central profile. Now, the data from any interaction on any device or channel, including a native application, is captured and is then available immediately to respond to the individual – whether in that channel or another – all in real-time.

According to Forrester Analyst James McCormick, “Knowing who is interacting at a particular touchpoint is fundamental to understanding whether and when a customer interacts again. Failing to recognize customers means marketers fail to orchestrate multichannel campaigns and, in effect, to hold conversations with customers.” What companies need to do is both recognize consumers by associating an individual across multiple channels and sessions and connecting the interaction with a unique person or segment. With today’s release, marketers now have the ability to facilitate this recognition right at their fingertips.With the enhancements to the platform’s functionality, marketers now have the ability to:

  • Define a message for a specific segment or group of users and then deliver that message via whatever channels those individuals are interacting with. This can be done through a web browser, on a PC or mobile phone or via a mobile iOS or Android application.
  • Use behaviors in one channel to drive an action in another. Marketers can now remind a user on the web to complete a purchase they started on a mobile app, or mirror product recommendations in a tablet application based on browsing behavior from the web on a smartphone.

“We’ve heard repeatedly from our customers and from the market that there is a need to deliver a unified experience for customers across channels,” said Bart Heilbron, CEO and co-founder of BlueConic. “In this latest release we have redefined what it means to deliver multi-channel engagement. This enhancement delivers on the demand for a single profile of a user across channels and on the desire of a marketer to deliver the right message to the right user at the right time, regardless of device.”

At a time when consumers increasingly move from device to device, session to session, channel to channel – often in support of just one objective, marketers must be at the ready to provide a message, content, offer or other interaction that facilitates that individual’s journey and meets their needs. Data from eMarketer shows nearly 60 percent of marketers and ecommerce professionals say cross-channel digital marketing is a top priority for them in 2015. For consumers, mobile is heavily used during the purchase path, though is rarely the end point. Forrester found 69 percent of consumers who started researching a product on a mobile phone switched to a laptop and an overwhelming 90 percent who started purchasing on a mobile phone ended up switching to a laptop. Marketers and their technology must be as agile and fluid as their customers are with theirs. The latest release from BlueConic allows marketers to be just that.

BlueConic’s platform collects and unifies rich profiles to determine and activate the optimal interaction with an individual, based on both implicit and explicit intent. To learn more or schedule a demo, visit

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