BlueConic Unveils Customer Journey Simulation

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BlueConic Unveils Customer Journey Simulation

New Functionality Helps Marketers Create, Understand and Optimize Individual Customer Journeys

Boston, MA – May 21, 2014 – BlueConic, the real-time system of online customer engagement, today introduced the industry’s first customer journey simulation tool that enables marketers to experience and optimize different interactions whenever a customer engages a brand.

The new functionality unlocks a never-before-seen view of the customer journey by allowing marketers to create better, more personalized experiences across channels and devices.

Because of the influx of mobile and social channels, there are seemingly endless numbers of ways a customer can interact with a brand, presenting both a tremendous opportunity and challenge. Marketers have little visibility into the exchanges customers have with their brand, or how to optimize the customer experience across multiple channels.

BlueConic’s new customer journey simulation tool allows marketers to not only provide the most relevant content, promotion or offer to the right individual, but also, for the first time, experience each individual’s journey across different channels and interactions.

Without adding additional technology or complexity, marketers can now simulate an individual’s entire journey – from campaign to landing page, from corporate website to mobile device, from support portal or any other touch point – and is perfect for brands juggling multiple channels and touchpoints driven by different marketing technologies such as Adobe, Sitecore, Unica, Salesforce and Oracle.

“The introduction of this tool considerably boosts the opportunity for marketers to ‘look through the eyes’ of each individual customer to deliver the best experience and improve results,” said Bart Heilbron, CEO and co-founder, BlueConic. “This new feature is something our customers indicated would help them better understand the journey of each individual, and we’re thrilled to offer it as a new functionality in the platform.”

“The journey simulator allows for quick and easy testing of subsequent interactions.” said Stieve van Wichelen, online marketer, ANWB, a travelers’ association in the Netherlands. “This saves time and makes working with BlueConic easy and clear.”

Since its inception, BlueConic has combined innovative technologies like Big Data profiling, real-time decision making and the power of the cloud to help marketers deliver a consistent and relevant experience across channels and reduce marketing complexity. The latest in a string of product functionality, the customer journey simulation tool is now available in the BlueConic cloud-based platform

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BlueConic is the leader in user-driven marketing, empowering digital marketers to optimize customer journeys from discovery to conversion.  Delivered from the cloud, the BlueConic platform enables marketers to guide users, whether anonymous or known, across all digital touch points to improve engagement.  More than 70 brands currently leverage the platform to drive cross sell and up sell initiatives, increase conversions and decrease waste to grow incremental sales and revenue, including Volvo, ING and Ahold. Founded in 2010, the company is headquartered in Boston, with offices in Europe.  Learn more at  Follow us on Twitter (@BlueConic) and like us on Facebook.

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