After the Hire: Start-up Life on the BlueCrew

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After the Hire: Start-up Life on the BlueCrew

If you ask me what the scariest thing I have ever done is my first reaction would be, “dropping everything in New Jersey and moving to Boston.” Seems reasonable right? Leaving your family and friends behind to move to a city just because you always imagined yourself there? I would also let you know I do not regret it one bit. A lot of the confidence comes from the place I landed when I got here: BlueConic. Before I get into that though let me take you back to the beginning.

After graduating from college I got a job at a marketing technology agency. It was a great experience that let me work with different marketing teams (think PPC, Social, Affiliate…). I grew A LOT as a professional and as a person there but knew that I needed to make changes that would allow me to continue to grow early in my career. I took a job at another company outside of the industry and almost immediately knew it wasn’t the right fit for me. I wanted to get back into the weeds of a marketing department, and most importantly, I needed to feel pivotal in building something that I believed in. Emphasis on the believed in.

So here I was. New to Boston, having walked away from a stable job with my sights set on the next chapter. No one I knew around for help or guidance. Time to put on the big girl pants and get to work. Before I even started searching, I needed a few boxes checked off in order to accept an offer:

  1. True collaboration – the ability to speak your mind and have it heard. The less filtering the better.
  2. Investment in employee growth – a place that realizes they are only as good as their people and is ready to back them up with further education on a subject and push you outside of your comfort zone so you can continue to develop is imperative.
  3. Casual environment – while wearing jeans and a tee to work every day is certainly an added bonus, there is something else to be said for letting your employees be comfortable as themselves. That feeling crosses over into their interactions with one another and builds a camaraderie that makes everyone feel accountable for the success of the entire team, not just themselves.

With these 3 basic ideas in mind the interview process started. You only get a couple hours to get a glimpse into what the next few years of your life will be. I was Goldilocks testing out the company porridge. By the time I had my first interview with BlueConic I had already spoken with a few places that checked off my boxes to varying degrees. Right when I was split between the decision to settle and or to keep reaching for that dream job I was pointed in the direction of BlueConic. As fate would have it they had a blog post queued up that outlined exactly what all of the members of their company thought were important attributes in future hires. Amongst the key factors were:

  • Puts the team ahead of personal achievement
  • Has a desire to learn
  • Maintains a strong sense of self

In my head I went check, check, check. In my new role I would take over our digital marketing initiatives and reboot our PPC and email campaigns and I was ready for that challenge. My last interview was with Cory Munchbach, our very own VP of marketing. It was in this interview I knew BlueConic was the right place for me. As we talked through the current state of the digital campaigns I had an idea on how they could make a relatively quick pivot that would provide better results. I voiced those opinions (who tells a company what to do before they even know the company likes them? Apparently me ?) and she didn’t look at me like “Who the F*#! are you” but instead jumped on board.

It has been just over a month on the BlueCrew and the master plan is coming together (check out this awesome wall we implemented – who doesn’t want to race to put up one of those giant check marks?!)


I’m excited to tackle those projects. I’m excited to come into the office every day knowing my team is too. I learn something new every day and believe that knowledge is going to help sculpt something great. Working at a start-up is like skydiving every day. Everything you’re working on is so clearly connected to the bigger company goals and ambitions. You spend the ride up thinking about all the things you need to do in order for that particular project to go smoothly; where they can go right and wrong. You stand at the door looking down at everything ahead of you, take that last big breath and hope on the way down you deliver on those goals. These moments determine if your parachute will open or not. The thrill draws you in and you either embrace the pressure and intensity or it’ll spit you out. And you come into the office day after day ready to keep jumping.

Come ready to embrace the challenge. Come ready to go to battle to overcome it.

Come ready to build a dream.

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