All data is not created equal (I’m looking at you, demographics)

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All data is not created equal (I’m looking at you, demographics)

Ad Retargeting Part 2: The Approach

It is widely thought that ad retargeting based on demographics is beneficial in order to drive conversions. Sending ads specific to an individuals’ age, gender and/or location should generate results, right? Not necessarily. In fact, centering ad retargeting campaigns around demographics is far too broad when consumers demand individualization and have through-the-roof expectations for brand engagement.

Marketers, it’s time to go beyond data gleaned from static data points as the focal point for retargeting campaigns: every individual has a different intent when visiting a website and that intent changes visit to visit. Outward factors do not provide the amount of detail needed for marketers to engage successfully. Instead, marketing efforts should be focused on gathering valuable behavioral data at an individual level and using it to create consistent customer data profiles from first party data. As discussed in part one of the series, these user profiles will provide the basis for comprehensive data sets that an ad tech partner can then use to vastly improve retargeting initiatives.

When collecting individual behavioral data, marketers should focus on factors such as how long the user remained on the digital property, whether it’s a website or mobile app, as well as how often they visit, what searches were made, which device they used and more. When paired with larger-scale demographic data, answers to these types of tailored questions will go much further in accurately retargeting potential customers and improving click through rates.

Once customer data profiles are complete with past activity and behavioral insights, marketers will be able to decipher the channel that is most effective for a particular user. Whether it’s mobile, email or social, identifying optimal channels to target each potential customer will greatly boost the impact of each retargeted ad. Social is one channel that is gaining momentum in its ability to efficiently reach consumers through retargeted ads. According to AdRoll, brands that added Facebook to their retargeting initiatives drove 2.8x more impressions, 3.05x more clicks and 2.1x more conversions. Despite this, marketers will have the most luck reaching consumers through a cross- platform and cross-device strategy.

As an example, a BlueConic customer crafts messaging based on the richness of insight gathered about their customers, making each one highly relevant. From there, each landing page that particular individual sees will echo the campaign messages, driving 40% higher CTRs than generic messages.

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