Announcing! New capabilities to seamlessly connect data and get more out of your marketing technology stack

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Announcing! New capabilities to seamlessly connect data and get more out of your marketing technology stack

BlueConic’s amazing engineering team is all based in Nijmegen, Netherlands and they came to visit us Boston-based folks earlier this month for a full week of activities – from an in-house Hackathon (my team won) to a day of snow activities in New Hampshire (turns out our CEO is a snowmobiling fiend). The visit also included a presentation of Release 36 (R36), which went live for all 70+ of our customers this morning. This release is all about improving the marketers’ ability to know the individual by reducing friction between disparate marketing systems.

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Today, we announce the launch of QuickConnections and Platform Plugins – developments of core BlueConic capabilities to integrate your marketing work. Quick Connections is built on a flexible Rest API structure and enables marketers to easily integrate BlueConic with platforms like Salesforce, Google Universal Analytics, Facebook Connect and a host of additional customer relationship management systems (CRM), data management platforms (DMP) and content management systems (CMS). The expanded Platform Plugins include easier-than-ever segmentation creation, more consumable dashboards, and the ability to compare outcomes by time period.

What does all this really do? It gets marketers closer to the customer to make better decisions about how to interact with them more efficiently and effectively. Check out this short video to see how. As Scott Brinker of describes, BlueConic and other customer data platforms are “able to pull data from many different sources, in high volume, into a centralized repository. Here they correlate and connect the dots, striving to offer a more complete view of customers…”


BlueConic exists to help marketers better understand the individuals that interact with a brand across devices, channels, and sessions. R36 makes that functionality even more accessible and powerful by making it simpler than ever to connect siloed data and turn them into individualized views of the customer. To learn more, we’d love to give you a demo or have a conversation. Or, if you’re lucky, one of our team members can snowmobile your way:



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