Another A on a mondAY

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Another A on a mondAY

Cory MunchbachCory: See what I did there? Hey Todd!

ToddTodd: Happy Monday, Cory! Glad you’re here so we can talk about another Adobe connection – this time, we have Adobe Analytics!

Cory MunchbachCory: Thrilled, Todd – this is a great one to kick off the week with. The former – and often still referred to – Omniture product is arguably the cornerstone of the Adobe Marketing Cloud suite, where Adobe’s pivot into the science of marketing really began. It’s pretty funny to go back and read what the tech community thought about this $1.8b acquisition back in 2009. A few nuggets:

  • “We struggle to find the revenue synergy between Adobe and Omniture from a product standpoint.”
  • “Web analytics is a new market opportunity for (Adobe) and moving into new markets tends to be challenging.”
  • “Our analysis suggest the Omniture deal will be accretive, but not significantly in the absence of a material improvement in growth or higher than assumed cost savings.”

Fast-forward to today, and Adobe Analytics has burgeoned into a major revenue driver in the $5+ billion machine that is the Adobe Marketing Cloud. #nailedit

ToddTodd: As you might imagine, a lot of companies use this product for their web analytics. Since BlueConic does so much to support web engagement, this is a really important integration that we’ve built.

Cory MunchbachCory: So, quick summary: Adobe Analytics is a market leader in web analytics tools, which are widely used and typically a key component of a digital marketing toolkit. As a relatively “old” tool – i.e. it’s been around for awhile in the comparatively brief life of digital marketing – web analytics have until recently been one of the few ways to track consumer’s online activity.

ToddTodd: BlueConic features a unique data collection engine that stores data at the individual customer level for known and anonymous users. By combining BlueConic with Adobe Analytics, that good old fashioned Web analytics data is enriched with real-time segmentation and behavioral insights contained in BlueConic customer profiles. This is done using Custom Link tracking.

Cory MunchbachCory: Even better, BlueConic’s integration capabilities with CRM and other marketing/communication platforms can further enhance this dataset (check out our Connections page and stay tuned here for more detail on each of those).

ToddTodd: Yes! By setting props/eVars with selected details from CRM or the behavioral data collected by BlueConic, our customers can greatly improve upon already insightful analyses. This is a win-win all around.

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