Are your “actionable insights” ignored, stuck, or buried?

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Are your “actionable insights” ignored, stuck, or buried?

Digital analysts have long been working to form actionable insights (Actionable Web Analytics was published in 2007, and I haven’t been able to avoid the A word since). Coming up with actionable insights is one thing. The greater challenge has always been driving the very actions the data is supposed to support.

Practical vs aspirational
The marketing world needs digital analytics programs to produce a healthy balance of practical actionable insights and aspirational actionable insights. Practical insights are very likely to be actioned. They may already be part of an ongoing optimization cycle, or they may address standard flows or paths to conversion. Aspirational insights require a bit more effort, but these are the analyses that really inspire change within your organization.


Often, acting on aspirational insights requires deep understanding of your users’ intents, interests and behaviors. When this knowledge is gained within the context of a handful of page views, you have limited time and chances to act. If the knowledge becomes important later (e.g. on a repeat visit), it needs to be accessible in real-time to provide a high level of relevancy and drive better outcomes.

These practical and aspirational actions are exactly the scenarios BlueConic was built to handle.

Who did it win for?
A favorite question of mine when “B won!” in the context of an A/B/n test is: who did it win for? Enough to claim victory, yes… even to learn a little. What about the rest of the story: the overwhelming majority of users who didn’t convert? Who were they? Was anything learned about them.

Producing and acting on aspirational actionable insights doesn’t need to be a process. BlueConic enables identification of actionable insights, and allows action to be taken on them.

The importance of practical everyday personalization that drives relevant experiences can not be overstated. This is your data about your users. Customized experiences, tailored based on explicit and inferred preferences, are becoming increasingly more expected by all types of consumers. With BlueConic you gain an opportunity to have dialogues with your audience based on individual knowledge. You set yourself up to act in real-time, optimizing experiences to produce more data to feed back into the logic, adding layers of relevancy and driving even better outcomes.

Is it really that simple?
Yes and no. You may have to let go a bit. Many digital marketers and analysts have grown accustomed to process associated with measurement and deliberate decision making. BlueConic takes an individualized, ongoing and real-time approach.
In some ways, this means letting go of deliberate decision making within the optimization process, and welcoming automated decisions based on data. You still need to come up with the experiences you want to deliver. There is effort involved in the thought that goes into these, and BlueConic needs to be configured to add individual relevancy. These are not just optimization attempts, they are dialogues based on individuals’ specific preferences. Focus is placed not on the optimizations themselves, but on understanding individuals and driving better outcomes for you and for them.

Leave and layer
A phrase you don’t hear often in digital analytics is “leave and layer”. From a software perspective, BlueConic is best understood as a platform that helps tie other digital marketing and analytics platforms together … not by replacing them, but by providing capabilities to hook them up with one another. This is best exemplified on the Web, where you can use real-time behavioral data to go from insights to action in a fraction of a second.


I’ve produced many analyses that came with actionable insights. When disconnected from a marketing platform, this information could easily go nowhere for a long time. I don’t think this is uncommon, as evidenced by a rising focus in “insights to action” within the digital analytics and marketing world.

If you find your organization struggling with similar situations, I’d invite you to head over to BlueConic and request a demonstration of its unique capabilities.

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