New Feature Friday: BlueConic “baseball” cards

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New Feature Friday: BlueConic “baseball” cards

operational-efficiency-blueconic-single-customer-viewSince my arrival at BlueConic more than 2 years ago now, far and away my favorite feature has been our segment discovery tool: its aesthetic appeal is exceeded only by the raw power it puts in marketers’ hands to build and modify segments in real time:

But in our latest release, we added a new feature that I can’t quite get enough of, which we call “baseball cards” but are actual visual records for each and every profile in BlueConic. Yep, whether we know you by email or account number, or we know only your engagement level and device type, BlueConic’s profiles have been brought to life.

In these examples, we have both a known customer and an anonymous one shown who have interacted very minimally so far with the brand. In these screens, you see overviews of their profiles and you can see that the same attributes are available about the two, regardless of their identifiable status:

As BlueConic learns more about a person – again, regardless of whether they have a unique identifier – their profile gets richer:

These profiles are all searchable, either by a unique identifier or by the segment(s) that they fit into:

If you want an even deeper look of all the profile properties that could hold attributes (they don’t necessarily have to be filled though), there’s an overview option as well. Given that our customers store 400 profile properties on average, though, this can get a little unwieldy 🙂 :

Why does this matter? Well, even though we’re not big advocates of the supposed 360º view of the customer talk, we are pretty darn sure this is about as close to it as anyone has ever come to actually making it not just a technical reality, but also a visually explicit one. Literally every attribute about an individual that a brand captures (importantly: based on permissions and relevant privacy laws) is now part of that person’s profile. We know that there are lots of vendors out there offering technologies, services, and everything in between to help solve this problem of siloed, disparate customer data. But, they say a picture is worth a thousand words…

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