BlueConic Awarded Best Company Culture


BlueConic Awarded Best Company Culture

Thriving company cultures aren’t created overnight. Rather, they’re slowly but steadily defined — initially by a brand’s leadership team (hiring the right people, codifying the right values, etc.) and, over time, nurtured by individuals they bring onboard.

To build a culture in which all employees feel respected, enjoy coming to work every day, and know they play a major role in the company’s overall success is every CEO’s dream.

And one that’s been a proud accomplishment here at the BlueConic for some time.

Now, though, we’ve been recognized for it.

Workplace transparency platform Comparably announced its 2019 awards for large and mid-sized companies, and the #BlueCrew received not one but two prestigious accolades from the organization: “Best Company Culture” and “Best Company for Diversity.”

“[I]nclusivity and respect are equally important as grit and passion in our organization — our success as a business depends on it,” BlueConic COO Cory Munchbach stated.

“We’re all thrilled and honored by this recognition from Comparably and grateful to have employees who share our commitment to the company’s vision, mission, and values.”


As with winning “Best Customer Data Platform” by the MarTech Breakthrough Awards, we couldn’t be more thrilled to receive even more accolades — especially for two areas we pride ourselves on: building a premier company culture and hiring a diverse team.

Why having a strong company culture is always a top priority at BlueConic

Building the Dream” is a mantra we abide by and center our work daily around here at BlueConic. In short, the “Dream” is our north star and guides us in our quest to both develop the premier customer data platform on the market today and ensure everyone here benefits and grows from their part in achieving that ambition.

In order to realize this “Dream,” we need to regularly remind ourselves what the most successful organizations do to achieve and maintain their success.

And it all comes back to company culture.

Case in point: Back in 2016, the BlueCrew filled out the board below with words associated with the ideal individuals who should join us to continue to advance our culture.

In turn, they helped us accomplish our many lofty goals — from enhancing our already-best-in-class, pure-play CDP to ensuring our customers succeed day in and day out:


“Positive.” “Adaptable.” “Self-starter.”

In addition to our core values, per our Constitutional Principlesgrit, humility, collaboration, intellectual curiosity, passion, and accountability — it’s qualities like these that are certainly ones we look for in prospective members of the BlueCrew.

At the end of the day, though, our primary objective is to find people who can both consistently make an outsized impact every day — both in their respective roles and with their job responsibilities as well as by contributing to our stellar company culture.

Thoughts from the #BlueCrew: What makes BlueConic such a special company?

Current members of the BlueConic team can certainly tell you all about what it’s like to work for one of the fastest-growing and most exciting martech brands around:

  • Director of Demand Generation Lauren Pettiglio: “It was not long before I realized that ‘Building the Dream’ was much more than a product or business goal. It was about creating a company where the ‘how’ is just as important as the ‘what’ and the ‘why.’ From status meetings to major milestones, the passion that inspired the foundation of BlueConic is still felt throughout the organization. It is inherently inspiring to work with a group of people that want to contribute to something greater than themselves, and that feeling is amplified by the fact that we’re all empowered to build that thing together.”
  • Director of Solutions Engineering Floran Felen: “I’ve been at BlueConic pretty much since its inception. I was drawn by the smart and passionate people that work here and the beautiful product with cutting-edge tech that was being used. That’s also what still keeps me here.”

As you can see, the aforementioned traits can be found in every BlueCrew member.

They’re motivated to help move the business in the right direction by mastering their roles and help us “build the dream” — and best customer data platform — together.


Looking for help with building the dream — and our best customer data platform

Think you’ve got what it takes to join the BlueCrew? Want an equally challenging and rewarding job at a top startup? There may just be an opportunity for you here at BlueConic.

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