BlueConic Named Best Customer Data Platform

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BlueConic Named Best Customer Data Platform

We’re fairly biased, but if you ask us — and the folks behind the MarTech Breakthrough Awards — our customer data platform (CDP) is the best solution for unifying and activating your first-party customer data.

When you make the single customer view the center of your marketing and data infrastructure with BlueConic, you can orchestrate individualized marketing for every stage of the customer lifecycle.

That’s the overarching purpose of our CDP and why so many brands trust us as their solution — but there are many more reasons we’re considered the best customer data platform.

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5 reasons why BlueConic is the best customer data platform

What makes our customer data platform the leading CDP worldwide and deserving of the MarTech Breakthrough Award? We can think of five reasons that make us stand out.

1. You can unify and activate all of your first-party data across the entire customer lifecycle – not just the data that comes after a conversion or transaction.

The CDP Institute’s David Raab has noted most marketers are “lost in their forest of data” and, in turn, unable to capably consolidate and leverage said data effectively. A sad but true state of affairs.

We’re well past the point of the need for a solution like a customer data platform to unify data from disparate systems and make it accessible to activate individualized marketing that leads to a mutually-beneficial experience for both the business AND the customer.

With BlueConic, you can consolidate all of the data from your CRM, DMP, and other data sources into one, centralized location and use that data for real-time marketing efforts.

“[With] BlueConic’s pure-play CDP … marketers can finally make the single customer view the center of their entire infrastructure,” said MarTech Breakthrough Managing Director James Johnson. “It’s a true MarTech industry ‘breakthrough’ that will empower marketers to be more effective at every stage of the customer lifecycle.”

2. You, as a marketer, can own and operate your first-party data — without constant help from IT, but with the comfort of knowing it’s approved by IT.

Aside from the initial onboarding and implementation, BlueConic enables you to entirely own and operate your data without the need for IT to help with ongoing tasks like data collection and clean-up, segmentation, and transfer of data to other platforms.

In other words, you gain a sense of freedom — dare we say, “liberation” — other marketers lack today. No longer do you have to constantly rely on non-marketing resources (who are, quite frankly, too busy working on other things) to get you the data you need to succeed.

With BlueConic, you get direct, quick access to the data you want and need.

And thanks to our Dutch roots, data privacy is at the core of our CDP. Your IT team will sleep easy knowing that BlueConic is built on an infrastructure and governance model that they can fully embrace to comply with GDPR, CCPA, and other measures.

This is just one of several ways our CDP differs from other CDPs and martech.

However, it’s arguably one of the biggest differentiators marketers look for in new additions to their stacks — one they know can help them autonomously access and activate their data without aggravating their IT team.

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3. You can accelerate the time to value with our customer data platform as opposed to using a mix of other technologies … or other CDPs.

With that expedited activation of data, BlueConic customers can realize far faster time to value than if they used a mish-mosh of other tech that doesn’t consolidate individual customers’ data into a single platform that is connected to their marketing ecosystem.

The most prominent reason this time to value can be accelerated for marketers who use our CDP? It’s designed to enable marketers to get use cases in market quickly while establishing a roadmap for the future to continually gain more value over time.

We often like to quote tennis legend Arthur Ashe:

“Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.”

When it comes to adopting and gaining value from a CDP, this is the mantra to keep in mind. You want a solution that allows to you land and expand very quickly.

Our customers use our CDP proficiency framework to determine their starting set of use cases, as well as identify a roadmap for the future.

4. You can not only scale for today’s marketing and business goals, but also tomorrow’s ambitions.

There are specific expectations your C-suite has for you and your team regarding the need to meet specific KPI goals and business objectives. But you also know that goals and priorities are subject to change at any moment.

So, you need a technology solution that strikes a healthy balance of intention to get you what you need today, but also flexibility to quickly shift gears tomorrow.

Taking apart the machine and completely starting over is not an option. Neither is blindly amassing data without intention just in case you might need it someday.

Enter BlueConic.

Our CDP has helped companies in many industries achieve the objectives expected of them by senior leadership, even as those objectives evolve over time.

It’s the magic of our profile database architecture that enables this success.

Whether it’s creating greater efficiency within your internal organization, or activating unified data to turn repeat visitors into paying subscribers and customers, securing more repeat purchases from high-value buyers, or selling more season tickets to highly engaged fans, BlueConic has proven to be a vital cog in the marketing machines for a diverse set of organizations across numerous sectors.

5. You can deploy AI at the speed of marketing to make your campaigns and messaging far more intelligent and effective.

With AI and machine learning becoming important elements of modern marketing, many of our customers want to implement predictive models that better inform individualized marketing, but they lack the skills or access to resources to do so.

A truly effective individualized marketing approach requires not just a complete understanding of who a customer is (previously engage prospect, past one-time customer, daily website visitor), but also the ability to predict how those individuals are likely to engage with you in the future.

Our AI Workbench finally puts the power of data science for marketing within your reach. Now you can deploy ‘off-the-shelf’ predictive models across all of the customer profiles stored in BlueConic so you can segment and activate based on the output.

As BlueConic Solutions Architect Bart Leusink indicated in his blog post relaying the benefits of AI Workbench for marketers and data scientists, the tool helps our customers develop “shared efficiencies.”

With predictive models in place to provide insights into the customer lifetime value (CLV) for certain segments and propensity to churn or buy for others, you have new tools that can enhance your marketing — and all without needing the technical knowledge and savvy of a data scientist.

The “best” customer data platform — but always improving our solution

The ideal solutions for today’s marketers are the ones that change and evolve as brands’ strategies and needs change and evolve. That’s why we’re never “done” building our CDP.

These reasons are plenty enough to invest in BlueConic’s customer data platform, but we’ll have even more reasons in the weeks, months, and years ahead as our CDP evolves.

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