BlueConic’s infinite harvesting season

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BlueConic’s infinite harvesting season

Although the beginning of the fall is usually considered to be the start of harvesting season, here at BlueConic, this year we got underway early. Recently, we started a team to build new functions and features on top of our underlying platform through the development of plugins – the small but important components that extend the core of BlueConic functionality. Because of the great architecture of the platform, we’re able to get these features out to the market quickly and in large numbers, reaping the huge opportunities provided by the platform.

How are we doing this? It all starts with the notion that no two consumers are alike. This is why marketers are beginning to realize that they need to be more relevant and personal by collecting knowledge about the individuals who engage with and buy from their brands, which includes using products like BlueConic. But it of course also applies to our very own customer base. In a market with almost 2000 solution providers it’s virtually impossible to find two identical customers – those using the same solutions in a similar setup. Building and selling a customer data platform in such an environment requires a great amount of flexibility.

BlueConic’s architecture was designed to do exactly that. Without going too deep into technical details, we didn’t just make the platform “open” simply by publishing APIs and connectivity options. We went a step further in making the product “pluggable,” especially for those capabilities of the product that require the most customizations: connections to other systems, profiling capabilities, insight and reporting visualizations, and messaging capabilities.
That’s where our plugins come in, which are small pieces of code that can be installed with the click of a button, added new capabilities and features to BlueConic as well as a custom User Interface parts to operate it.

Not only do these plugins provide a very easy and quick way to build custom features for our customers, they can also be used to rapidly add new features to the product.
Another purpose of a plugin can be the support for specific user scenario’s. For example we recently provided a plugin that allows you to execute simple surveys on your website. Because the plugin is built specifically to do this, the user experience is extremely easy.

Working closely with our customers and customer support team, our agile development crew has been harvesting at full speed, pumping out new functions and features over the past few months, and adding over 30 new plugins to the system! They include plugins to easily connect numerous other systems in the marketing stack, such as Adobe Analytics, SalesForce, Gigya, Optimizely, Google Tag Manager, Ensighten, and Universal Analytics – amongst others. We also created dozens of new insights, including some with deep-dive analysis capabilities, such as an insight-widget which automatically tells you the volume of unique characteristics between two different segments of customers or prospects.

BlueConic’s Infinite Harvesting Season


All these new features and plugins are developed with one goal in mind: delivering the ultimate customer data platform that doesn’t need to compromise on any of your specific and unique needs. We are looking forward to any requests that you as a customer or prospect may have. Our teams are ready for it, as our harvesting season is not expected to come to an end very soon.

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