Boosting media subscribers with visitor tracking

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Boosting media subscribers with visitor tracking

Marketers in the media space witness firsthand just how difficult it can be to adapt to diversified delivery model world. Readers want access to a great deal of information fast, but with the print sector of the business fading, how can providers afford to keep up with demand? Your loyal visitors are at the heart of efforts to create a sustainable new model, and step one to converting those readers into paying customers is learning more about each individual visitor.

The subscription opportunity
Earlier this year, the American Press Institute revealed – perhaps unsurprisingly – that “almost all” media organizations that run traditional, print-based newspapers look for ways to increase readers contributions – most often by instituting a subscription plan.

The source spoke with 98 papers, and 77 already use digital subscription models. The vast majority of those, 71 in total, were established fewer than five years ago making optimizing these services a top-of-the-agenda item across the media landscape. For traditional media as well as many newer-age publishers, subscriptions remain a critical driver of the bottom line – though a much more challenging approach in the context of so much free information from myriad digital sources.

In-depth reader profiles
If you don’t know who your readers are and what they like about your media offerings, it will be exponentially harder to turn them into paying subscribers. The value of in-depth reader profiles received a recent demonstration when BlueConic worked with The Boston Globe on the paper’s outreach strategy. The new approach entailed following unique users’ journeys across many different channels and platforms to determine what specific content those individuals are interested in. With this data collating and updating in real time, it was possible to segment the user base – and use specialized subscription campaigns.

Email newsletters can be a compelling gateway for turning casual readers into paying premium content subscribers. Segment readers who haven’t yet signed up for a newsletter based on what kinds of content they prefer – sports, lifestyle, breaking news – the publisher can suggest targeted and specific newsletters that will suit an individual’s particular interests.

With BlueConic dialogues, sign-up interstitials on your website itself can also change to suit the tastes of repeat visitors, recognized by on their profiles. This getting progressively individualized suggestions on every following visit based on established browsing patterns. Converting readers into subscribers is much more effective when visitors receive personalized content: engagement on sign-up pages is up 70 percent, and growth of prospects clicking through to subscription pages quadrupled.

Data is always the issue
When it comes down to knowing about customer behavior, it pays to have access to top-quality data and a reliable way to access and use that content. The media world is no different, and you’ll find that knowing all you can learn about your readers will help you bring them with you into the new, paid-content-based era.

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