Want to build segments 3,600,000x faster than you are?

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Want to build segments 3,600,000x faster than you are?

Let’s play a game. Think of three of your favorite marketing tech vendors. Any three will do. Now, google them or, if you’re feeling perky, head right to their website. See how long it takes you to find them claiming that they do what they do in real time. I chose a DMP, another CDP, and a web analytics tool and it took :43, :48, and :00 seconds respectively, in the last case because the second organic search result for the analytics tool included “real time” in the link.

Now, here’s the problem. In all three cases I know for a fact, thanks to their customers with whom we either work or have spoken with in the last couple of weeks, that it takes (at least) 24 hours for a segment the marketer creates in that tool to be available to do anything with – targeting, personalization, or testing.

There are two ways a marketer needing real-time segmentation could look at this:

  1. It’s somewhere on a scale of dishonest to misleading because real-time is defined as “the actual time during which a process or event occurs.” So if a visitor to your website is actively browsing vacation packages to Europe on their lunch break, “real-time” segmentation would imply that they move into a segment of “non-converted visitors with an interest in European luxury travel” perhaps and that happens while they are browsing. Like, right now. Not in twenty four hours. Or even twenty four minutes. And segmentation changes if they start also browsing African safaris.
  2. They didn’t mean real as in right now; come on, don’t be silly! They meant real as in, actual time! Just, you know, a time. Some point in time. Eventually? I don’t know. This is a stretch for me but I was trying to be even-handed.

I’m going to #humblebrag on behalf of our engineers who built BlueConic because when we say real-time segmentation we mean it and we can back it up. Twenty four…


Ha. Had you going for a (milli)sec there didn’t I? #dadjokes

I fully admit it… I suck at math. I took the SAT twice and only scored 10 points better the second time even though in the first sitting, my calculator died after five questions. I filled my college math requirement the first semester so that I could put the furthest possible distance between my real life and arithmetic. But at a bare minimum I know that 24 hours is WAY LONGER than 24 milliseconds. And fortunately, armed with my calculator (and checked by someone who knows math for real) I know that our segmentation is 3,600,000 times faster than anyone who says they do it (there are 86,400,000 milliseconds in twenty four hours, in case you were wondering).

Even better, it only takes a few clicks to define a segment. In approximately two minutes, you can literally (not the exaggerated kind):

  • create a few segments from your known and unknown audience;
  • see instantly how many profiles are in those segments as well as their “inverse segments,” which are mutually exclusive counterparts
  • watch these numbers change based on behaviors happening right now;
  • and if you’ve got another 90 seconds, create a personalized interaction for that segment.

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