Why we built BlueConic

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Why we built BlueConic

The outcomes of your marketing efforts depend on your ability to identify, understand, and interact with prospects and customers on an individual basis. Because the better you know the individual the better your marketing outcomes will be and drive the KPI’s that create competitive advantage.

Users respond to your marketing efforts all the time by clicking, searching, tweeting, swiping or ignoring. A user can be known or anonymous but whatever the case, each of the individuals’ actions tell you something about the intent of your customer or prospect. The onus is on you capture it, score it and rank it and see the bigger patterns that occur.

Leveraging these patterns enable you to make better decisions on how to engage and when. Most customer engagement activities however fall short on the ‘where’ and the ‘who’ because marketers are simply not able to recognize customers at the point of interaction. They fail to recognize their customers as they interact across many of their channels on different devices, and have to confess that a large proportion of interactions are anonymous and hence the opportunity for them to individualize experiences as customers move across channels is lost.

To deliver the right message to the user at the right time it is therefore critical to recognize individuals traveling across multiple channels with multiple devices. It is clear that if you could build a singular profile of each individual and persist and leverage it in real time across channels, sessions and devices, your decisions would become more intelligent and your marketing would out smart the competitions’. Such a profile will not only retain data on the stream of interaction each individual had with your brand, but will also let you reconstruct it based on past experiences. Further, a rich profile also empowers the marketer to determine and activate the most optimal interaction with an individual, in real-time, based on both implicit and explicit intent.

This is what we have built BlueConic to do. It was built for marketers who know that their ability to combine actions, decisions and profiles in real time will boost their marketing performance. We know that today’s marketers are faced with a continuous stream of new data sources, interaction channels, systems and analytical methods and designed our platform to interoperate with any existing marketing technology stack. By taking advantage you create an opportunity to drastically improve your marketing results and to satisfy ever increasing user expectations. We’d love to give you a demo and prove it.

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