CDP Institute Certifies BlueConic as RealCDP


CDP Institute Certifies BlueConic as RealCDP

The Customer Data Platform (CDP) Institute educates marketers, analysts, and executives about ‘everything CDP’ — notably, its robust customer data management capabilities.

Essentially, it’s a resource on anything and everything prospective buyers could want to know about how CDP vendors solve for companies’ critical customer data needs today:

  • The CDP Institute publishes industry news and educational materials to teach stakeholders like technologists about customer data platforms
  • It offers webinars and workshops to prospective buyers on CDP capabilities and how a CDP functions for different growth-focused teams and users
  • It even provides customer data platform vendor comparison reports and builds directories of industry vendors and services firms for buyers

The organization also awards its RealCDP certification to qualified, best-in-class CDPs. Introduced in 2020, the certification program helps potential buyers discern the CDP ‘contenders’ from ‘pretenders.’

In other words? The institute helps tech decision-makers at mid-sized businesses and enterprises alike discover the top customer data platform options for their companies.

And BlueConic is proud to announce the CDP Institute has certified our solution as a RealCDP: a unified, persistent customer database with all the activation capabilities companies need to accelerate business transformation and growth today.

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How CDP Institute’s RealCDP certification separates ‘contenders’ from ‘pretenders’

There’s a lot of confusion in the CDP market. Many business professionals and leaders find it difficult to identify the right CDP for them based on their business needs and use cases.

That’s one reason why the Customer Data Platform Institute educates marketers, C-suites, and other business pros and decision-makers on the state of the CDP landscape.

CDP Institute Founder David Raab wanted to help buyers find legit options. He knew not every ‘CDP’ was “specifically designed to create and share a complete view of each customer” — a view that’s essential to realizing better business outcomes today.

So, Raab outlined the criteria CDPs must meet to qualify as a RealCDP. That includes:

  • The ingestion, maintenance, and storage of historical customer data, which is easily accessible by growth-focused teams like marketing, analytics, and customer support
  • The creation of unified, persistent profiles, which helps companies achieve a single customer view of their audience and provides a ‘golden record’ of all customer data
  • The ability to connect with external systems (e.g., CRM, ESP, CMS), which enables tech users across the business to efficiently capture, distribute, and confidently utilize their data (e.g., to ‘meet’ individuals in their respective customer journeys)

In short, companies can determine which authentic, built-for-purpose CDP is the perfect fit for their businesses. And one RealCDP option for organizations today is BlueConic.

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BlueConic’s customer data platform: Checks all boxes for CDP Institute’s criteria

BlueConic’s certification as a RealCDP might be new. But we’re a founding member of the CDP category. That is, BlueConic has been a customer data platform since its inception.

And many BlueConic customers across industries — from retail to media and publishing — have realized strong ROI with our RealCDP over the years. For instance:

  • VF Corporation made the single customer view a reality for its organization. Specifically, the multi-brand company unified online and offline first-party data to get a more holistic view of its prospects and customers. And one that empowers its marketing and analytics teams to better understand and engage its customers.
  • America’s Test Kitchen leverages BlueConic to enhance its customer engagement and analysis. As one of the company’s marketing leaders, Sarah Desmarais, noted during our MarTech Conference session, unifying data in our CDP enables multiple teams to make critical, real-time business decisions and become customer-centric.
  • Franklin Sports builds custom, multi-dimensional segments using our pure-play CDP. (And in minutes — not hours, days or weeks.) This dynamic segmentation helps the organization distinguish one niche audience of customers from another. In turn, it can deliver relevant and timely personalized messaging to them across channels.

Streamline customer data management. Improve operational efficiency. Increase agility and resiliency. There are many reasons hundreds of companies worldwide invest in our RealCDP.

And our customer data platform can help your business transform for the better too.

Request a demo with the BlueConic team today to learn how our RealCDP can help you transform your business and accelerate growth in 2021 and beyond.


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