Coming to grips with the marketing software pricing universe

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Coming to grips with the marketing software pricing universe

This is a big day for BlueConic – and for enterprise marketing software more broadly – as we publicly and loudly (yes, loudly) announce our pricing and introduce a full-fledged freemium offering to the market. As of today, you can go to and see all six tiers of pricing we offer. You can quickly identify which tier would work for you based on your business’ unique needs. We’ve put it all out there for the world: how much it costs to be able to identify, understand, and interact with individuals across your brand’s universe of channels.

But why? Three reasons.

  1. Enterprise marketing software is a black hole of un(fore)seen costs.

When selling to brands bigger than, say, SMBs it has become bon ton for enterprise marketing vendors to stay in the dark about the most important piece of data in the buying cycle: the price of their solution. Even further along in the sales cycle, if and when transparency increases from looking through a glass of blackstrap molasses on a moonless night (low bar, we know), it’s still pretty staggering how many different ways SaaS vendors have found to hide the cost associated with getting value out of their tools. Any marketer on the buying side has been through the experience of having to pay hundreds of service hours to implement a ‘standard’ solution or coughing up the additional costs required to just use the tool they already purchased (charged to send messages, anyone?).  It makes budgeting and buying marketing tech far more difficult and painful than it needs to be and quite frankly, we don’t see where the benefit is. It complicates negotiations and it postpones time to value.

  1. Legit value-based pricing is as hard to find as a shooting star.

Even where you do find examples of companies that are mixing up what they charge for, like Adobe dropping CPMs, the actual numbers are in a blackbox. Salesforce created a “supermessage” pricing scheme which is basically re-packaging an old-mentality messaging approach with a new wrapper. Quantity is still at the heart of most pricing mechanisms rather than quality and relevance. If the industry is truly going to move away from outbound marketing and into two-way conversations with customers, we feel strongly that marketers should only pay their vendors when the tools they provide contribute directly to driving actual value at scale.

  1. On the edge of a new frontier, a trial is not enough.

Marketers are facing a paradigm shift and need a set of next generation of tools to uncover the massive opportunity that lies ahead. That said, selecting the right toolset is daunting if you have to pick from the thousands of point solutions, platforms, and clouds all designed to help marketers conquer the new world. Although most modern software vendors offer some sort of a trial there are typically two big caveats when signing up to try out new software, especially when you are still trying to figure out what you actually need: 1) trials are usually for a very short time only and/or 2) the trial version of the product is mostly watered down or missing key functionality that you can only get if you implement the full solution and thus…well, pay the full monty.

With the introduction of BlueConic Pyxis, our freemium offering, we want digital marketers to be able to discover and experience our platform – all of it, no credit card or PO required, no strings attached for as long as you need, so long as you adhere to our fair use policy. We didn’t see the point in offering you a compass just to put artificial barriers to you getting where you want to go; we want you to feel comfortable and confident in your ability to explore new opportunities and we are confident about the value BlueConic will bring to your marketing effort. 

At BlueConic, we give you access to your entire universe of digital touchpoints and all of the people – known and unknown – who engage with that universe. That’s why our pricing tiers are named after constellations: the star collections that serve as the safe-passage guides along an exciting new journey. Hop over to the new pricing page (you can’t miss it at the top of our nav bar or you can simply click this link) and explore what Pyxis, Chamaeleon, Phoenix, Pegasus, Hercules, and Hydra have to offer. We hope that you’ll find the information valuable and helpful as you navigate your trip. We’d be delighted to come along.

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