Use a Customer Data Platform to Connect the Dots of Your Data [Video Blog]

October 3, 2016 | By

Hi, welcome back! We’re the BlueCrew with today’s data insights.

Marketing is about communication, and to interact effectively, you need to personalize the experience for each customer on their terms.

This is easier said than done – the many elements in any marketing system all speak different technological languages. Unless you have a system that can translate, aggregate, and activate, profiles may never provide substantial value.

Customer data platforms are the interpreter, helping various marketing systems converse and ensuring customers are recognized. Customers today take roundabout paths from research to a conversion, and integrating technology ensures their various details are connected into central profiles.

Targeted messaging is possible when your databases work together to recognize website visitors, with returning customers getting appropriate experiences and newcomers others – this helps your offerings stay relevant, and means people never have to click their way through irrelevant content.

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