Connecting Visual Website Optimizer

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Connecting Visual Website Optimizer

There are some really great tools out there to make it very easy to A/B or multivariate test your website without any IT help to increase your conversion rates and sales – which is why these kinds of tools have become a staple in the digital marketer’s arsenal.

One of the best applications of an A/B test is when it’s targeted, meaning you select a specific audience to test with. Most of the A/B test tools provide a basic set of customer data attributes to do this targeting, but you can expand the dataset with data from other places using APIs.

That’s where BlueConic comes in. BlueConic retrieves customer data from a wide variety of sources: from CRM systems, ESPs, or from the BlueConic JavaScript tag on your website that collects all kinds of data – among others. Using this rich customer data, you can create segments in BlueConic like ‘existing customer’ or ‘highly engaged visitor’ or ‘visitors that are in our mailing list.’ Then, you can send those segments to A/B test tools because they become much more powerful when you can target with greater specificity.

Most A/B test tools do not have the notion of centrally defined segments, can only do targeting for a specific test; and they typically only have lightweight capabilities of integrating and syncing customer data with other vendors. So there is a natural mutual benefit of connecting BlueConic with testing tools. BlueConic collects customer data from all sources, and creates segments based on a huge variety of data, while the A/B test tool can use that data to create very targeted A/B tests.

Visual Website Optimizer is one of the market leaders in this space; they have thousands of customers and processed billions of visitors. So, logically, we went to work to create a connection with VWO.

What can you do with this new connection? You can send segments based on customer data that has been collected in BlueConic (from your website, your CRM system, your ESP or any other system you hooked up to BlueConic) towards VWO, and use that to create advanced targeted A/B tests in VWO.

The benefit here is that you’re able to run tests for outcomes that are relevant only to a certain part of your audience. Thus, you only test a piece of content about product A to “new customers in market for product A.” Granularity and targeting are critical for meaningful tests.

Very powerful indeed, and a great addition for all our VWO using customers! Keep following our blog for lots more announcements soon!

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