A Connection With ExactTarget Makes Your Marketing Exactly on Target

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A Connection With ExactTarget Makes Your Marketing Exactly on Target

A Customer Data Platform links together customer data across your marketing technology stack in a single user profile. So if you have lots of software (cloud or on premise) that contain data about customers (and who doesn’t these days, with all the incredible solutions out there!), you want to share customer data across those systems.

We designed BlueConic to make it easy to add new systems, or ‘connections’ as we call them, to your marketing tech stack. One of the most requested type of integration is email service providers because marketers know the value of a faster, richer, real-time link between web, mobile, and email. Today, Salesforce Marketing Cloud formerly and more commonly known as ExactTarget joins the roster of out-of-the-box ESPs in the BlueConic stable (when you spend a cool $2.3 billion and want to rebrand, you just do it). Welcome to the world of acquisitions.

Anyway, with our SMC a.k.a ET Connection, and a quick click of a button you can sync profile data with SMC subscribers, and you can send profile properties to ExactTarget fields.

That’s it! With our new Connection, just a quick click of a button and you can create a direct connection to ExactTarget to share first-party and customer data for triggered emails and segmentation. This opens up a host of new possibilities:

  • Create campaigns in SMC using deep profile data collected on your website
  • Personalize your email in SMC using data collected on the site
  • Use data collected in your email campaigns (for example email opened etc.) to do personalization and specific interactions on your website
  • Link BlueConic with your CRM and have all the data available in ExactTarget also available in your CRM system

Of course, we are not done – watch this space for more connections!

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