5 Customer Behaviors Every Marketer Should Pay Attention To

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5 Customer Behaviors Every Marketer Should Pay Attention To

If it’s true that actions speak louder than words, then every marketer should be listening to what these 5 customer behaviors are saying. They are strong signals of customer intent when these behaviors can be identified in real-time at an individual level.

1. Recency of Activity

Recency behavior tells you how recently a customer has interacted with your brand. A high recency score indicates the customer has been recently active. A low recency score indicates the customer has been relatively silent for a while.

When you understand recency at the individual level, you can try reactivating low recency customers by incentivizing them with a special offer. Or you can deliver specialized messaging to high recency customers that are more likely to respond.

2. Frequency of Activity

Frequency behavior tells you how often a customer interacts with your brand. A high frequency level indicates the customers interacts with your brand often – sometimes multiple times per day. A low frequency level indicates the customer does not interact with your brand often.

When you understand activity frequency at the individual level, you can determine the most effective means of marketing communication. For example, email communication might be the most effective way to communicate with low frequency customers. On the other hand, high frequency customers may require an omni-channel communication approach through various channels such as email, call center, website, mobile, etc.

3. Momentum

Momentum behavior tells you about a sudden change in the way a customer interacts with your brand. A sudden increase in activity could indicate the customer is currently in market for your product or service.

When you understand momentum at the individual level, you can quickly react to a sudden change in activity behavior with customized messaging and offers. For example, if a customer is suddenly browsing products or content more actively on your website, deliver a special offer to incentivize them to convert immediately.

4. Intensity

Intensity behavior tells you how intensely a customer typically interacts with your brand when he visits your website or engages with your brand. High intensity customers are not just the casual browsers; they exhibit a lot of activity all at once.

When you understand intensity at the individual level, you can engage high intensity customers that may be more receptive to a higher frequency of marketing messaging than the average customer.

5. Recent Intensity

Recent intensity tells you how intensely a customer interacted with your brand during his most recent visit to your website or engagement with your brand, as opposed to looking at his level of intensity over the course of all his visits or engagements.

When you understand recent intensity at the individual level, you can quickly change the way you engage customers with a high level of recent intensity by increasing the frequency with which you deliver a marketing message to that individual.

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Start activating programs for six real-time behavioral segments that are available to all BlueConic customers. Or build on these segments by combining them with other descriptive attributes such as demographics, interests, and preferences to create new high-value segments specifically designed for your unique business objectives.

  • Recent activity: activity in the past 7 days
  • High frequency: highly frequent visitors
  • High momentum: becoming very active
  • Low momentum: becoming less active
  • High intensity: more activity per session
  • Recent intensity: recently very active

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