3 Ways to Approach Customer-Centric Marketing

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3 Ways to Approach Customer-Centric Marketing

But we’ve reached a new stage. As Gartner’s Marty Kihn said recently: “Identity is more important than reach.” Knowing who is engaging with your brand, regardless of where that interaction takes place and especially when it’s an outbound message, is infinitely more effective for customer-centric marketing. Why? Because:

  • Consumers respond better to relevance. 
  • Personalized engagement is more effective. 
  • Missteps are costly for conversion and loyalty. 

By now, it should be clear that retaining outdated thinking whereby marketing equals blasting messages to as many people as possible is wasteful at best and detrimental to the brand at worst. Marketers have to revise the approach to data, technology, and measurement.

To check out the full article, scoot over to DestinationCRM.com to read more on exactly how to approach customer-centric marketing.

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