The Ultimate Customer Database: Our CDP

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The Ultimate Customer Database: Our CDP

The outcomes of your marketing efforts depend on your ability to identify, understand, and interact with prospects and customers on an individual basis. It’s simple, really: The better you know the individual you want to convert, the better messaging you can deliver to them.

In short, your users respond and react to your marketing all the time. They click, search, tweet, scroll, like, swipe, and ignore. They’re known or anonymous. Whatever the case, each individual’s actions with your brand, online and offline, tell you something about their intent.

At the end of the day, the onus is on you to capture, score, segment, and rank your existing and potential customers and see the bigger patterns that occur among them. That’s where a customer database comes into play — well, more specifically, our customer data platform.

BlueConic: A unified customer database to help marketers activate their data

Leveraging patterns among your leads and customers enables you to make better decisions on how to engage them in their customer journey. For many marketers, it’s difficult, or even impossible, to learn the ‘’who, what, where, when’ of their audience’s actions.

Why? They simply can’t recognize customer information at the point of interaction. In other words, marketers fail to recognize their customers as they interact across many of their channels on different devices — a missed opportunity if there ever was one.

In turn, they have to confess to upper-management that a large proportion of their customer interactions are anonymous. Therefore, the opportunity for them to individualize experiences for said customers as they move across channels is lost.

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Single customer view now essential for digital marketing professionals

Delivering the right message to users at the right time has become critical for digital marketers to recognize. They must be able to see individuals as they “travel” across multiple channels and devices consuming content and messaging in multiple mediums.

It’s clear that, if you could build a singular profile of each individual — better put, a single customer view — and persist and leverage it in real time across channels, sessions and devices, your decisions would become more intelligent and your marketing would outsmart that of your closest and biggest competitors.

Such a unified profile will not only combine customer data on the stream of interactions each individual has with your brand — from reading blogs to viewing products and services pages and requesting free trials — but also let you reconstruct it based on past experiences.

Further, a rich customer profile also empowers you to determine and activate the most optimal interaction with an individual, in real time, based on both implicit and explicit intent.

How BlueConic’s pure-play CDP beats “customer database software”

This is what we built BlueConic to do.

Our customer data platform is a response to other marketing tools that claim to be comprehensive customer database software solutions, when, in fact, they don’t deliver on their promise to help marketing pros standardize the customer identity across systems.

Our best-in-class, pure-play customer data platform was specifically developed for marketers who know that their ability to make the most of their customers’ actions, decisions, and profile data in real time will boost their marketing performance and lead to richer, longer-lasting customer relationships.

We know today’s marketers face a continuous stream of new data sources, interaction channels, martech, and analytical methods. So, we designed our CDP to interoperate with any existing marketing technology stack: ESPs, CRMs, adtech solutions, and the like.

By taking advantage of BlueConic, you will have the newfound ability to create drastically better marketing results for your organization, meet (then exceed) ever-increasing user expectations, and enhance your overall customer satisfaction.

Simply put, BlueConic was built for you — to solve your pain points with the inefficient marketing tools in your existing stack and the inefficient means you have to access and activate your customer data.

We’re here to help. We hope you join us on our journey.

What is a CDP

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Whether you’re looking for operational efficiencies or improved marketing effectiveness through data activation, our customer data platform can help.