The Ultimate Customer Database: Our CDP

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The Ultimate Customer Database: Our CDP

Your company’s marketing outcomes depend on your collective ability to track customers across touchpoints, understand individuals’ preferences and interests, and interact with your prospects and customer base in a targeted, one-to-one manner. It’s simple, really:

The better you know an individual, the better messaging and more bespoke experiences you can deliver to them.

In short, your target audience responds and reacts to your marketing all the time. They click, search, tweet, scroll, like, swipe, and ignore. They’re either known or anonymous.

Whatever the case, each individual’s interactions with you tell you something about their intent. Just as importantly, they provide you with the info you need to evolve your customer engagement approach and create custom-tailored, individualized experiences.

But the onus is on your company to capture, score, segment, and analyze your existing and potential customers to better liberate your data and accelerate your business growth.

That’s where the right customer database software — specifically, an advanced business solution like our pure-play customer data platform (CDP) — can help.

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BlueConic: Customer database software that helps companies liberate their data

Compiling first-party data and leveraging audience analytics and insights in our CDP enables business users to make better decisions across the organizations: from orchestrating customer lifecycle messaging to enhancing customer relationship management (CRM).

Marketing teams, in particular, benefit greatly from this unified data in a CDP.

Marketers can gain real-time access to data from across systems and sources. In other words, they can recognize their customers as they interact across channels and devices.

In turn, they can utilize their in-depth, constantly updated customer information to individualize experiences for their customers throughout their buying journeys.

Real-time engagement data (e.g., social media ad clicks, email opens, cart abandonment). A single user interface that streamlines database management. Democratized data for all teams that need it (e.g., marketing, customer support and service, data science).

The pros of our CDP go beyond better marketing outcomes. It also offers businesses like yours the chance to transform from top to bottom and realize greater operational efficiency.

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Achieving a single customer view in our advanced customer database software

Delivering the right message at the right time has become critical for marketing. They must be able to see individuals in real time as they ‘travel’ across the web.

This real-time engagement requires a single, rich profile for each individual. That is, a true, single view of your customer base.

With this view, your marketing organization’s decisions become far more relevant, intelligent. What’s more, their day-to-day efforts become more scalable and streamlined.

Many companies (and marketing teams) still rely on the partial customer view offered by the marketing cloud suites. But this restrictieve view deters marketing success.

In short, this is why we built BlueConic.

We aim to help business technology users manage customers’ profiles so they can easily analyze, segment, model, and activate their first-party data as needed.

Our customer data platform is a response to other marketing and business tools that claim to be comprehensive customer database software solutions, but fall short in key areas.

More specifically, our pure-play CDP beats databases that don’t deliver on their promise to help marketing professionals standardize the customer identity across systems.

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How BlueConic’s pure-play CDP beats legacy customer database software

Our CDP was developed for companies that know that their ability to make the most of their customers’ actions, decisions, and profile data in real time will boost their marketing performance and ROI and lead to richer, longer-lasting customer relationships.

Specifically, we designed our pure-play CDP to interoperate with tools already in brands’ tech stack: ESPs, CRMs, adtech solutions, mobile app software, and the like.

That means syncing PII (e.g., names, email addresses) and other key customer data points from across systems and sources (e.g., legacy systems like DMPs and CRM software, customer service solutions) is easier than ever with BlueConic’s CDP.

By taking advantage of BlueConic, you will have the newfound ability to create drastically better marketing results for your organization. Moreover, you can meet (and exceed) ever-increasing customer expectations and enhance overall customer satisfaction.

Simply put, our pure-play customer data platform was built for your company.

It can solve your biggest pain points, eliminate inefficiencies with your current processes, and — at the end of the day — help you liberate your data more efficiently and effectively.

We’re here to help. We hope you join us on our journey.

Want to learn all about our pure-play CDP and its (many) capabilities for business technology users? Request a demo with the BlueConic team today.


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