Dating with Data: Part One

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Dating with Data: Part One

Have you ever tried explaining modern dating to your mother? If you haven’t, try it out – it’s prettttty funny. The world of romance has changed radically due to the digital boom. Dating today involves apps, Tinder swipes, and *just* the right amount of #wcw posts. It’s a crazy world out there, but like most things that have taken on a technological flavor, the digital dating scene has its advantages.

The key to a good date is preparation, right? (Okay, and outfit, fine.) You want someone who takes your interests into account. Do they know you love bowling? Or that Thai food is a major no-no? The more prepared you are going into a date, the better chance you have at success – a second date.

Who hasn’t had a nightmare dating story? A blind date gone astray, a complete lack of mutual interests, awkward silences – the works. And while we all joke about ‘creeping’ on the internet, it may well be that it’s the secret to great dating. It takes some the guesswork out of the romance process. Sure, there are plenty of things you can’t find online – and that’s for the better! – but the little breadcrumbs you do pick up set you on a path to compatibility.

Sometimes all you need to nail that first date is a little bit of background information.

Dating with Data
Alright, Cory, what’s your angle here? Well, the BlueConic approach to marketing is a lot like prepping for that first date with the benefit of digital leverage. Instead of going into the customer acquisition process blind or trying to secure a follow up date, you are set up with some crucial prep work.

We’re not talking about just the basics stored in your CRM somewhere – names, location or gender. We are talking about the good stuff, the real substantial nuggets that are behind customer intent. See, in order to truly earn that second date or, in your case, that second visit, you need to draw your customers in and today, that means appealing to them directly – no shots in the dark, no random grouping. Customers want to experience the “I-only-have-eyes-for-you” feeling. To get there you need to dig deeper: Brands have to intelligently and delicately use information that’s out there to cultivate a relationship. In your personal life you can do some Facebook stalking, but you should know when to dial it in – the same holds for brands.

This involves high-level insights about purchasing preferences and customer interests. How does your customer WANT to be marketed to? This is the question that lies at the core of modern-day marketing. Leaders need to treat their customers like a love interest. What do they want? What are their needs? What would they like to see?

This isn’t groundbreaking information. Marketers know this level of targeted personalization is what needs to be done. In fact, Marketing Charts found that 69 percent of marketers recognize that dynamic personalization is critical to content.

But here’s the catch: Research from the CMO Council found that one-third of marketers across Europe and North America have a low-level ability to analyze relevant data for personalized customer experiences. Essentially, marketers know what needs to be done but they just can’t seem to do it.

In the next post, let’s talk about some easy opportunities to crush the first date, earn the second, avoid getting into an expiration dating scenario, and set yourself up for an exclusive long-term relationship.

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