Dating with Data: Part Two

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Dating with Data: Part Two

So, in our previous post we talked a little about the modern world of dating. With apps like Tinder and dating sites like OkCupid, the rules of the game have evolved. But this isn’t necessarily a bad thing; in fact, some may argue it helps a person come into a date and subsequent potential relationship better prepared. As promised, we have some insider tips on acing the first date, dazzling on the second and securing a smooth shift into a long-term relationship for today’s digital marketers. Let’s take a look:

The First Date Frenzy
First dates don’t work like they used to anymore. More often than not, you find a profile you like, do a little investigating, and start a conversation before any suggestion of an actual in-person date is made. This makes first dates a little tricky. You need to go in with some preliminary knowledge: Make note that her profile says she LOVES dogs. Take notice that he HATES when girls talk about The Bachelor.

When it comes to customer profiling, the first date works in a similar way. How bad would it be if you walked into that first date and didn’t even remember the person’s name? Answer: Super. Awkward. This is why you need consumer profiles that capture data from anonymous AND identified individuals – you want a continuous relationship from day one. Walking into that first date or, in your case, first interaction with a confident pool of base knowledge is key to dazzling your love interest.

First dates are never easy but some preparation can make them go a little smoother.

The Second Date Dilemma
Alright, our tips landed you the second date – you’re welcome. This is where the good stuff starts: a second date means they’re interested, they want to see where this goes, you’ve caught their attention. One of the best ways to keep that flame going is to demonstrate how carefully you were listening during that first encounter. Show your date that you remember the little things. Maybe she mentioned her favorite book: let her know you picked up a copy. Perhaps he told you his sister was applying to colleges: ask him if she’s heard back. The little things will engage your date in a more meaningful conversation.

For marketers, this attention to detail is key. Consumers want you to remember things about them, whether this means a strategically personalized email or the ability to pick up where they left off on a site form. Holding onto these key customer preferences or details is crucial for engagement. And when you consider that 91 percent of non-engaged customers leave a business dissatisfied, according to The Huffington Post, this function becomes even more important. Be engaging and insightful on your second interaction; lead your audience to pages or products these individuals have shown interest in before. These extra touches very well may land you that coveted conversion (the marketer’s third date).

“The road to romance is no easy journey – but it’s a valuable one.”

The Long Haul
You did it. You managed to turn an online encounter into a great and meaningful long-term relationship. As we all know, the work is never really done when it comes to romance. Relationships are about constantly learning and it’s an exciting journey. Everyone has millions of quirks, habits, dreams, preferences etc. so for years to come you will be learning new things about your new boo.

The same is true for marketers. Customers are also dynamic and diverse people. Case in point: our average client at BlueConic stores 400 attributes in an individual’s customer data profile. Over the course of a relationship this creates an incredibly vibrant library of information that, used wisely, builds loyalty and commitment.

Navigating the road to romance is no easy journey – but it’s a valuable one. BlueConic is here to provide you with all the dating tips and tricks you could possibly need. We love our customers and we know you love yours too – let us help you make the journey to commitment just a little bit smoother.

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