How to Truly Measure Customer Experience Online

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How to Truly Measure Customer Experience Online

The volume, velocity, and variety of data that your customers are producing on a daily basis means marketers must find new ways to measure customer experience beyond the traditional Net Promoter Score (NPS) methodology. And they need to combine this data with other descriptive and behavioral attributes captured at the individual level to make the data actionable.

That’s why BlueConic and Decibel have partnered to integrate Decibel’s proprietary Digital Experience Score (DXS®) – the first digital version of NPS – into BlueConic’s unified customer profiles to give marketers a single view of the customer.

Today’s guest blogger, Decibel’s VP Partnerships Jim Misuraca, explains why measuring DXS at the individual level is critical to customer understanding:

Your customer’s experience defines the success of your business

$62bn is lost each year by businesses due to poor experiences.

There are endless articles, talks, and internal meetings about improving customer experiences.

But what does that even mean? What vague, elusive thing does ‘customer experience’ even refer to?

Experience is subjective, personal, qualitative in nature. This makes it difficult to quantify – especially across your digital offering, where visibility into how customers behave and feel is obscured by a transaction that takes place remotely on a personal device.

But if you have no real visibility into the nature or quality of customer experience on your websites and apps, you have limited hope of making it any better.

If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it

To arm yourself in the battle for providing the best customer experience online, you may check various reports, sampled customer surveys, and look at metrics like NPS, bounce rates, conversion rates, and dwell time in an attempt to understand how customers behave and feel.

But, even with all this varying data, you know there’s something missing.

‘What’s the customer’s experience actually like?’

Say someone buys a lamp from your online store. Does this mean they had a good experience on your website or app? Or did they just really want that lamp? Will they buy from you again?

Unless each customer actively tells you the answers to these questions in rich, accurate detail – something both highly improbable and impractical – you have no real way of knowing.

At Decibel, we’re changing this.

Making customer experience a science

Over the past few years, here at Decibel, we’ve dedicated our energy to building the world’s first Digital Experience Intelligence Platform: a platform designed specifically to address the knowledge gap enterprises have when it comes to understanding and improving digital experiences.

This work has culminated in the first comprehensive, quantifiable measure of customer experience online: the Digital Experience Score, or DXS.

DXS is the first ever all-encompassing metric for measuring customer experience online. It provides objective measurement of customer experiences on your websites, web applications, and native apps.

Powered by machine-learning, Decibel’s proprietary algorithms process hundreds of smart new digital interaction metrics – purpose-built to measure experience online – and automatically calculate an experience score for every visit to your websites and apps.

DXS is based on five pillars of digital experience: navigation, engagement, frustration, technical and form experience. Reporting-wise, it rolls up from individual sessions, to individual pages, to the entire website or app – so you have visibility into opportunities for improvement at every level of the online customer experience.

A holistic view of digital customer experiences

With DXS, companies no longer need to sift through dozens of reports or maintain custom KPIs to track the quality of experience on their digital properties.

Instead, they have a go-to, universal metric that can be segmented across their entire offering and audience for immediate insight into where the biggest wins lie – all without having to ask customers a single question.

Decibel has partnered with BlueConic to seamlessly pass this smart new data into BlueConic’s unified customer profiles, enhancing the dashboard and completing the story of customer behavior and website performance. Through using this integration, marketers can:

  • Combine DXS with any of the attributes already stored in an individual’s BlueConic profile for a complete view and understanding of digital experience
  • Build segments in BlueConic that inform intelligent acquisition and conversion marketing programs
  • Use cross-channel insights to discover new, high-value audiences; reduce barriers along customers’ decision journeys, and identify the best ways to optimize marketing performance against the most critical KPIs

See how the world’s largest companies improve experiences

To learn more about how the world’s largest companies harness DXS to measure and improve experiences across their digital offerings, download your free copy of Decibel’s guide here.

And to see the BlueConic and Decibel Connection in action, request a demo.

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