Have your digital data cake and eat it too

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Have your digital data cake and eat it too

As a Customer Data Platform, BlueConic helps marketers collect and activate behavioral data and other customer data so that within every marketing and communications channel, your brand speaks with your customers with a high level of relevancy. The intent, of course, is both to:

  1. Deliver an effortless experience to your existing customers, and
  2. Convert as many potential customers to actual customers as possible.

I often get a question that goes something like: “So Todd, what’s the difference between what you were doing as a digital analytics manager and what your BlueConic team does with customers today? You’re collecting data, you’re understanding your audience better based on that data… so how is this any different?”

Customer data platforms and digital analytics aren’t the same thing.

A Customer Data Platform (CDP) does a lot more than collect data and help you to understand your audience. It goes way beyond in that the very reason data is collected and “activated” is to demonstrate to the audience that you understand them and their needs. At the same time, it’s unlikely that a true CDP would be the appropriate choice to replace traditional/operational analytics reporting capabilities (unless your organization is ready to take a radical progressive leap away from such things, that is).

An example

To my digital analytics friends, at least, it is pretty simple to illustrate the difference between what you get from a digital analytics tool and what you get from a CDP like BlueConic. Take the following example of a funnel analysis report showing four steps of a conversion funnel applied to various campaign mediums that were identified through tracking URLs, found in Google Analytics:

from http://www.practicalecommerce.com/articles/4038-3-Key-Google-Analytics-Reports-for-Ecommerce-Merchants


Today’s digital analytics platforms would allow you to slice that report in a number of ways:

  • Select specific hours of the day, or even a specific hour of a specific day
  • Select specific days of the week (e.g. weekdays versus weekends)
  • Show data only for users who were exposed to a specific test experience
  • Show data only for mobile users
  • etc… it goes on and on and on.

What would BlueConic do?

We’d give you the ability to use the same exact information to optimize various conversion rates by activating relevant experiences across the Web and other marketing channels.

For example, we might use the funnel steps, combined with other user attributes to activate abandonment messaging in a few ways:

1. On-site
On exit intent, on return, on navigating away from the cart funnel

A BlueConic lightbox dialogue, shown in the editor window, that will be displayed to returning users with items in their cart

2. Retargeting
Cart step, cart value, and other customer data can be shared directly with Facebook, DoubleClick Campaign Manager, or with your DMP to retarget users and reclaim abandoners

Integrate your persistent first-party data directly with advertising platforms, or with your DMP

3. Email
If you have stored an identifier for the user, BlueConic data can be synchronized with numerous email service providers to trigger abandoned cart campaigns.

BlueConic features direct API connections to a number of popular ESPs

With just this single example, there are virtually countless use cases for BlueConic to help you interact with users based on the data to drive better outcomes. BlueConic clients use tracking URL data to keep campaign messaging consistent across site and app experiences, or to exclude users from seeing irrelevant messaging. For example, users who have previously clicked on an email might be excluded from newsletter signup calls-to-action. Users who have clicked through a specific type of creative might be targeted with other creative on-site that reflects what they’ve already shown interest in by clicking.

See what BlueConic can do for you

Whether you’re looking for operational efficiencies or improved marketing effectiveness through data activation, our customer data platform can help.