Why you should ditch your goal of a 360 degree customer view

September 15, 2016 | By

Tie Together the Marketing Landscape Pieces

We’ve made it pretty well known that the BlueCrew harbors a healthy dose of skepticism about vendors who hawk technologies for a “360º customer view” or similar. I recently espoused on this point of view for MarketingProfs in a piece called “Why You Should Ditch Your Goal of a 360-Degree Customer View.” I write, “Art is never finished, only abandoned,” Leonardo da Vinci said, and that describes almost every marketing technology project I’ve heard of or witnessed firsthand. Abandonment can happen in a lot of phases—early on after a beta or well into the project once resources have to be rerouted to newer, shinier initiatives.”

To check out the full article, jump on over to the MarketingProfs site and leave your comments for us!

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