Don’t be a Basic B…uh, Marketer

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Don’t be a Basic B…uh, Marketer

Basic (adj.): Somebody who is boring and unoriginal.

Ask any millennial what they call someone who is all trend and no substance and they’ll probably roll their eyes and tell you how “basic” that person is. The en vogue term is meant to convey a lack of depth, a simplicity of interests, a boring palette. Being basic is totally an insult.

As a digital marketer, if there is one descriptor you don’t want attached to your efforts today, it’s basic. The modern world of marketing demands companies operate a step above just adequate. Yet, many businesses are hardly treading water on that front.

“Marketing efforts are largely falling flat due to surface-level data.”

The Basic Epidemic
It’s no secret that personalization is an essential in today’s marketing strategies. Organizations across industries are putting effort into more targeted marketing efforts. In fact, according to Marketing Dive, 48 percent of marketers are actively utilizing behavior-based information in order to improve targeted promotions. But understanding that personalization is a key component of customer engagement is no longer enough.

Many marketing efforts across the board have fallen flat due to surface-level data. A mere 16% of marketing leaders claim to be capturing data related to customer intent for real-time marketing content. The reality is, the customer information being captured by most businesses is far too – well –  basic to produce optimal marketing results.

EMarketer reported on a study that found the majority of marketers are using elementary data such as email addresses, names and locations to produce targeted content. Rich analytics subjects like location, lifestyle information, and psychographics were rarely used. For example, demographics wouldn’t tell you that 40% of baby product purchasers live in households without children, which is also the case for 52% of baby product influencers (more on this in another post too, BTW).

Research from VB Insight echoed this notion. In a survey of top-tier marketers the research firm found that a whopping 80 percent of participants fail to understand their audiences beyond basic data. Moreover, 96 percent of respondents reported having trouble nailing down a single and complete view of any given customer.

Basic data is plaguing the world of marketing. Yet there is a major upside – businesses that can crack the code of complex customer analytics are in a unique position to deliver the marketing customers crave and gain a serious competitive advantage.

Marketing leaders must dive deeper into customer data to produce more targeted materials.

Beyond the Basic Barrier
If your personalization efforts were a person you’d want them to drink French press exclusively from the local coffee shop down the road. You’d want them to read Capote and Baldwin and brew their own craft beer. In short, you’d want them to be the type that digs deeper.

That’s where BlueConic comes in. We are in the business of going beyond the basic barriers. We want to extract the deeper data because that is what customers respond to. It makes sense when you think about it.

High-level personalization goes beyond acknowledgement. It’s not a head nod in a crowded room, it’s a handshake and a greeting in a private booth. People enjoy and respond to personalized messaging because it feels intimate. Tailoring targeted messaging to fit your customer’s needs is the ultimate way to project your voice in a world that is saturated with marketing material.

Here at BlueConic we understand that personalization is the starting point for a number of important benefits. Targeted experiences lead to increased engagement, decreased bounce rates and the ever-elusive conversions.

Being basic isn’t enough. Marketing needs to be about extracting and interpreting information that can be used to make on-target predictions about the customer journey. Much of this stems from treating every customer as an individual. Grouping behaviors leads to a herd-like approach to targeting. We filter individual intent from historical and contextual behavior that helps you answer the questions you need to deliver more effective engagement.

“Your customers aren’t basic and your marketing shouldn’t be either.”

Is this a first-time visitor or a second, and how much time has gone by since their last visit? Did they use the same channel or device both times? How should our messaging change based on this knowledge? Has the individual made a purchase or simply perused the website? Can your marketing address this?

Your customers aren’t basic and your marketing shouldn’t be either. Stay ahead of the pack by leveraging software that can make you an expert in customer preferences. Take the guessing game out of marketing; be confident and unique in your next steps with BlueConic.

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