Driving online conversions with a personalized approach

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Driving online conversions with a personalized approach

Your company website is good enough to get conversions out of visitors, but unless it’s responding to individuals and changing to best reflect what different people look for, it hasn’t reached its potential. The generic experience offered by a web page puts equal weight on a number of options, based on all steps of the customer’s journey. But with better customer data tracking and management, you can give a personalized experience at every step.

Relevance is the key word when it comes to personalization. If you collect accurate data and use it to recognize returning website users, it’s possible to pick up where you left off the last time that consumer visited. Faced with relevant information or offers, the conversion is one step closer to accomplished. The cumulative effect of this increased efficiency over time can be huge.

Retail environment favors personalized websites

When websites (or apps) react to customers’ interests and previous activities, serving just the right information, it’s like starting the journey to a sale from step two or three rather than step one. Furthermore, you remove the potential incongruity and annoyance that can come from someone who has already engaged with the brand receiving a message aimed at a first-time visitor. Assuming your website or mobile app serve as your main digital touchpoint, these efforts are especially important.

Multichannel Merchant recently explained personalized web offerings will be a major factor in satisfaction during peak times of the year. When shoppers flood a site to make purchases during busy seasons, they look for convenience and relevance. The article explained that with even a little data, it’s possible to serve the right content, strengthening the chance the shopper will buy then and there rather than backing out. Of course, if the shopper does leave, the personalized content will be ready to help bring them back and pick up where they left off.

Raen Optics is all about creating urgency in the buying decision so as not to lose hot shoppers. They pop up messages based on the product, time of day, and location to encourage that particular buyer to make their purchase:

Personalization has plenty of fans – but few masters

Delivering a unique experience to recognized visitors has become a widely accepted and emulated practice in online commerce. According to Customer Think, 87 percent of consumers interviewed by Forrester considered personalized content an influential factor. Delivering a relevant web experience, one that treats a repeat customer as an individual and manages to detect intent, can transform the entire way people interact with your brand. But it’s often very basic – products clicked – or only for recognized shoppers. To differentiate, data is the key ingredient. Without accurate and comprehensive information, accessible automatically and instantly, systems will deliver generic or off-base messaging, failing to impress customers and negating the potential gains.

Customer Think contributor Duff Anderson explained in a personal anecdote how frustrating it is to deal with a company that doesn’t process data well enough to personalize offers. He noted that upon purchasing a pair of pants online, the retailer began customized messaging for him – suggesting similar pairs of pants. If the system were tuned a little better, it would likely realize that someone who just bought that item might be out of the market for similar clothes for a while. It’s not just that you have the data: it’s that you can also understand and act on it at scale. That’s why it’s important to ensure a smooth flow of data between potentially siloed systems to ensure that telling actions are integrated into your strategy instead of lost.

Get relevant
People want to see offers that content their current interests. Whether this means creating highly customized web profiles when returning customers log in or using models of behavior to tune welcome messages to the general type of visitor accessing a website, the effects will be highly positive.

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