If you have an ESP, you’re going to want BlueConic too

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If you have an ESP, you’re going to want BlueConic too

As a BlueConic Business Development Representative focused on the B2B and retail verticals, I work closely with my marketing team, as well as with our marketer clients. One of the biggest takeaways I’ve had over my time here is in regards to the individualized approach needed for successful email outreach. As you probably know, in the current age of digital marketing, email campaigns are one of the most useful and productive methods of connecting with potential buyers and keeping your existing ones coming back to make repeat purchases. Nowadays, one factor that can derail an email campaign from the get-go is using a spray-and-pray approach.

I am sure every one of you has received emails from companies looking to gain your business that have absolutely no relevance to your interests or items you intended on purchasing (and if we’re being honest, your company has probably sent some too). Receiving communications like this can immediately turn you off from continuing forward due to that fact that without an individualized message, you’re likely to immediately discard the email or see it as spam.

In 2017, consumers expect to receive an individualized experience when dealing with any brand in any capacity, and email marketing is no exception. Email Service Providers (ESPs) are an excellent tool for creating campaigns and getting the right message to the right people. The issue that arises is that often, the information you have on the people you are reaching out to is far less granular than needed to create the right lists to match with relevant content.

This is where a Customer Data Platform (CDP) can completely transform the email process. Collecting the first party behavioral data of all the visitors to your channels and effortlessly importing it into your ESP (in real-time, I might add) will inject a massive amount of value to your existing campaigns that you have already spent valuable time creating. CDPs greatly simplify the segmentation process that is extremely time consuming and leaves a lot to be desired when it comes to deciding which individuals to place in which campaigns. Knowing information such as the first name and device of people interacting across your digital channels is great to have, but what if you could collect all the behavioral data for these visitors and use it to skyrocket the success of campaigns with a more targeted approach?

At this point you may be thinking, this all sounds great but there is no chance

–  I will have the time or resources to collect this data and then import it into my ESP, as well as completing all the other tasks I have day to day. That is where the integrations between a CDP and ESP come into play. For example, MailChimp is an excellent tool which many marketers I speak with use on a daily basis and see a ton of value in. BlueConic works hand in hand with MailChimp and our integration makes individualizing these campaigns and utilizing the granular first party data collected by BlueConic to create the more targeted segments – more easily, I wager, than you can imagine. The power of having a CDP and ESP constantly communicating with each other is a unquestionably powerful ability to have for any email marketer.

Our Knowledge Base has a detailed post outlining our MailChimp Connection that I highly suggest any MailChimp users reading this check out. Those of you using a different ESP, no need to worry. The process that I described above is still the same for all of our other ESP integrations, including: ExactTarget, Sailthru, Campaign Monitor, PostUp, and more. So, no matter which platform you are using for email, we’ve got you covered.

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