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Building·The·Dream noun: The collective passion, ethic, vision, and set of values channeled by a group to achieve a common goal of being extraordinary.

Name: Mike Day
Title: Account Executive
Where did you grow up? Oregon

Two truths & a lie:
1. I played one on one with Michael Jordan
2. I used to lift weights with HHH from the WWE
3. I’ve acted in over 10 plays

What have you learned in your time at BlueConic – about startups, about your role, about your team, about yourself?
A: This is my second startup and what I’ve learned is that everyone is different. All small companies share some similarities, like having to do dishes. But every team is unique and the Blue Crew are some of the most intelligent driven people I’ve met in a while. Understanding and respecting each other in a startup is what drives us to go that extra mile, and if we do it together we are much more than the sum of our parts. I’ve realized that startups inspire me, the pressure, the fight, the worry are a lot sometimes but the victory, celebration and team pride are worth it!

What has challenged you the most? How did you deal (or are you dealing) with that challenge?
A: Well, besides me – I feel like we have to challenge ourselves everyday to grow. O.K., enough with the existentialism. I think one of the biggest challenges at Blueconic is educating the market on a powerful platform solution like a CDP and all the ways it can drive better results from all the tech you have already invested in.

If you could change one thing about your time here so far, what would it be?
A: I would have more time with the Blue Crew. Living far away has it’s drawbacks.

What’s your advice to the newest members of the Crew (if you’ve been here) OR what was your acclimation to BlueConic like (for the newer folks)?
A: Hold yourself accountable, learn from failure and celebrate success. Always remember both are ok, but #NoExcuses

Why are you at BlueConic – what was it about your interview that you remember and made you want to be here? What keeps you here?
A: Meeting Bart, Kevin and Cory I could see the passion in them and the team they were building. I was drawn in right away.

Mike Day 2

In the near and middle term, what are you focused on? What would you like to do that you aren’t or haven’t been able to do?
A: I am on a mission to prove to marketers that understanding individuals better WILL drive better outcomes. Also, that not all MarTech is the same. Blueconic’s Customer Data Platform is a powerful way to build profiles that give marketers the ability to segment audiences in realtime, showing them more relevant content and messaging.

What is your favorite BlueConic product feature?
A: The Segment Discovery Tool, so powerful.

If you could switch roles with anyone else in the company for a day, whose job would you choose and why?
A: I would switch with Todd Belcher, our Director of Customer Success but I would need to have his technical acumen. I’d really like to work with clients using our software to drive results adding additional value to the good work they are already doing.

Sushi order:
A: Maguro Sashimi, Spicy yellowtail maki

Favorite emoji:  😄

Favorite sports team:
A: The Patriots

Favorite quote/motto:
A: : I have 2 1)”That which does not kill us makes us stronger” – Nietsche 2) “Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind” Dr. Seuss

Favored piece of furniture in the office:
A: My standing desk. I was lucky and got one that is powered, no cranking up and down for this guy.

What is something on your bucket list?
A: I would like to retire on a boat and sail the 7 seas, straight pirate style!

Who is your biggest hero?
A: My Father

Favorite Spotify playlist at work:
A: Rammstein (thanks HH!)

A: The Dude

What did you want to grow up to be when you were younger?
A: I wanted to play in the NFL

Happy Friday!

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