Light Up a Google AdWords Customer Match!

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Light Up a Google AdWords Customer Match!

Two weeks ago, I wrote about a game changer feature addition in BlueConic: Facebook Server-to-Server with Facebook Custom Audiences. For our marketers, they can now revive old customers or activate superior look-alike targeting based on real customer data, even if those customers have never been to your website (yep, that’s right).

It’s great. But what wasn’t so great is that this particular integration only works for Facebook. And while Facebook is doing incredibly well with more than 1 billion (!) daily users and controlling 12% of the worldwide digital ad market worth $187 billion(!), there is this other juggernaut in the ad space: Google (or do we need to say Alphabet these days? So confusing!). They had a record quarter too.

Luckily, Google AdWords has a similar feature to Facebook Custom Audiences: Google AdWords Customer Match. At this time, it only works for YouTube, Gmail and Search, and unfortunately not yet on the Google Display Network. But it’s still very powerful and opens up exactly the same use cases as Facebook Custom Audiences does. So, we went to work and are proud to introduce a new connection: Google AdWords Customer Match.

It’s seemingly very simple: you select segments in BlueConic, which are based on any combination of customer data you have, and those are sent to Google AdWords. In AdWords, you can then use those segments to target your audiences to bid on, which delivers the same outcomes as Facebook Custom Audience. Use-cases now possible include:

  • Revive old customers by bidding on an audience in Google AdWords that guarantees targeting your old customers
  • Bid on audiences that are similar to your highest-value customers
  • Target users that are guaranteed to be on your email provider’s subscribers list (so you know they are already engaged)

And all this with a few clicks of a button in BlueConic. We are (as always!) excited about this new feature. Let us know any feedback, praise, suggestions or complaints; we love to hear it!

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