How to use ad blocking to your advantage

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How to use ad blocking to your advantage

Ad blocking. It became the talk of the tech town this week along with the release of iOS9 and the ability to enable ad blocking in Safari. 

For publishers, advertising is almost always a primary source of revenue. When users block ads from displaying, they are forcibly changing the balance in the value exchange… and only you can work on a contingency plan and bring balance back to your business.

BlueConic is uniquely poised to help publishers with this very problem. A plugin released this week allows you to store data in anonymous and known user profiles that informs you on your users’ ad blocking status. From there, you have all of BlueConic’s segmentation, data integration, and user interaction capabilities at your disposal. 

  • Want to know about the behaviors of ad blocking users? Check.
  • Want ad blocking status passed on to your analytics platform (BlueConic features integrations with Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics, and various tag management platforms)? Check.
  • Want to email a personal request to known users who are blocking ads? Check.
  • Want to insert highly relevant content, offers, or promotions where ads should have been displayed? Check!

Wait, what? If users are blocking ads, won’t they wonder why they are seeing your native ads or content in their place? Maybe, but not if you can passively insert relevant content without disrupting your own content or speaking with irrelevancy. 

It’s likely that these visitors are blocking ads because they have had general problems with ads on many sites. If your content is highly relevant, and doesn’t affect the experience in a negative way, you’re using the real estate in a way that is good for the business. For an example, see the mobile version of our fake Taylor News site below…

Here’s what the site looks like without ad blocking enabled, let’s say prior to an iOS9 upgrade:

Without Ad Blocking

… and here is the site with ad blocking enabled. BlueConic has recognized that the user is blocking ads, but uses data in the user’s profile to show a relevant prompt for her to sign up for a newsletter:

With Ad Blocking

There are plenty of reasons to get started with BlueConic. Recouping lost revenue from users who block ads sounds like a great one… contact us or request a demo.


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