Integrate data-gathering systems for more accurate targeting [Video Blog]

December 5, 2016 | By

You’re probably sending your customers many of the wrong messages without intending to. If your data-gathering systems aren’t connected, customer information is fragmented and incomplete when it comes time to act on.

We’re the BlueCrew with another data use tip.

It’s a common scenario: Based on interactions logged in the CRM (typically conversion-based), it seems a customer would be the ideal buyer of a specific item, so out goes the marketing email. But wait! That customer bought the product off a registry not for themselves or had already read the suggested articles, but due to poor integration between the website and the CRM, the communication still happened.

Now, the client is getting an email about something irrelevant – and he’s begun to tune out any communications because clearly, the company doesn’t really know him or what he wants. Don’t let this happen to you! Integrate your data repositories.

We’ll see you soon with more useful ideas for your business.

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