Introducing: a rainbow of connections

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Introducing: a rainbow of connections

Cory MunchbachCory: Hello everyone! Cory and Todd here to welcome you to the first in a series of posts we’re writing about the plugins that make up the BlueConic Connections library, and how our customers use them to know individuals engaging with their brands, driving better outcomes as a result. Shall we?

3950Todd: You bet, but first please allow me to introduce myself: I’m Todd Belcher, Director of Customer Success here at BlueConic.

Cory MunchbachCory: Good call – I’m Cory Munchbach, BlueConic’s VP of Marketing and I work closely with Todd every day to make sure our customers’ feedback is heard and needs are met when it comes to their work with our platform.

3950Todd: One of the really important ways we respond to client demand is with an engineering
team dedicated to building out and maintaining plugins that enhance the BlueConic platform. Many of these plugins are integrations between BlueConic and other technology solutions – BlueConic Connections! As a result, we have an ever-growing library of integrations with the most important technologies in the marketer’s stack.

Cory MunchbachCory: Right! We get that it’s hard for marketers to get a bunch of disparate solutions working together. The plugin model allows a configurable instance of the platform. Since there are SO MANY amazing connections available that may not apply to your business, you have the ability to activate the ones that are relevant when you need them.

3950Todd: Nailed it. In this blog series, we’re going to introduce you to various Connections, their use-cases, and the customers using them to drive incredible marketing outcomes. Outcomes like better return on display advertising spend, decreased bounce rates on landing pages, and greater time spent on the website because of more personalized experiences.

Cory MunchbachCory: I can’t wait to get started. Keep an eye out on this space on Mondays and Thursdays for a new post on the plugins that make up our Connections gallery! 

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