BlueConic: Join the Team Building the Dream


BlueConic: Join the Team Building the Dream

Every Friday afternoon at 4:30 at BlueConic, over snacks and an adult beverage, the Boston members of the company get together for what we call “Building The Dream” sessions.

Some background: When I accepted my offer to join the company, our CEO, Bart, sent me a text that said the following: “Hurry up and get here — we’ve got a dream to build!”

First of all, you can’t tell me that isn’t just every kind of awesome. How often do you get an opportunity to work side by side with the dream’s originators to help build that vision?

(That was rhetorical, but to be clear: It’s rare).

Bart’s phrase did more than get me excited to join.

In fact, it serves as the very core of what we as a group come to work for every day and for what unites us in a very profound way.

As individuals and as a collective, everyone here at BlueConic take our distinct roles and responsibilities in building (and now scaling) this dream incredibly seriously.


Building the BlueConic Dream

During these Friday evening sessions, we listen to each other talk about our own singular versions of what the “dream” means to us and how we see ourselves contributing.

We also spend time hacking stuff that isn’t necessarily any one person’s job but is good for the company or just needs to get done.

In a recent Building the Dream session, we talked about crafting a formal profile of the type of people we want to hire to join the BlueCrew so that we can adhere to and scale a hiring process that ensures we really get the right folks onboard.

As you might imagine, we are very particular about the kind of candidates who we are confident can not just do a job, but play a role in building a dream.

It was a fascinating exercise to hear what our current team had to say in terms of words and phrases they would use to describe good candidates, as well as the way they would gauge those criteria in an interview.

We’re going to turn all of the feedback into a coherent checklist and interview guide as well as create a benchmark for evaluating success for ourselves to make sure that we live up to the standards we were hired against.

In the meantime, it just looks like this:


It’s a hot mess right now, I know, but it means something — a lot — to all of us here.

Without further ado, here are the culture traits we all agreed on matter above all others:

  • Adaptable
  • Puts the team ahead of personal achievement
  • Never gives up
  • Unflappable
  • Positive
  • Maintains a strong sense of self
  • Has a desire to learn

I don’t know about you, but that’s a fantastic, hard-working group of people I already love to work with each and every day and can’t wait to get more of in the door.

If this makes you want to get your foot in the BlueConic door and join the #BlueCrew, we’ve got some job openings that might be calling your name on our careers page.


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