Learning to Tango with Your Target Audience

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Learning to Tango with Your Target Audience

Learning the art of tango is no easy feat. It is a craft to be mastered. Even a 3-minute performance on Dancing with the Stars requires a ton of work before it’s ready for prime time. Yet, the soul of the tango doesn’t reside in the final performance. It exists most notably in the quick practice reel you see before the dancers take the floor. The heart of dancing, much like marketing, lies in the behind-the-scenes efforts. The practice, the prep, the pre-performance – these elements guide your rhythm.

Customer acquisition is really just a well-executed dance between a company and its target audience. So, the question is: are you and your team ready to tango? Good, let’s get started.

“Customer acquisition is really just a well-executed dance between a company and its target audience.”

Picking Your Partner
The process of pinpointing your dance partner…complicated. There are so many moving parts that can dictate what your partnership will ultimately look like. The same goes for consumers. The difference between adequate marketing and exceptional marketing lies in understanding every aspect of a consumer life cycle. The more you know about your customer’s path to purchase, the better equipped you are to optimize your relationship.

Business leaders need to take the time to understand what led a consumer to their site. How were they engaged? When did you lose them? Why? What was different about the customer who did make the purchase? Having a deep understanding of this kind of data can be the difference between a solid routine and a failed performance. Get to know your partner before you take the stage.

Learning the Moves
Dancing involves a lot of back and forth. Sure, you’ve picked the perfect partner, but learning the moves requires a whole new level of mastery. You can memorize the steps inside out but in order to execute the perfect performance, there needs to be a higher degree of understanding. You should anticipate which move your partner is going to make next without even thinking. Let them lead completely; the most gifted dancers can influence while still following another’s lead.

This may seem counterintuitive to marketers. Shouldn’t we be directing our audience to our product the best way we know how? Maybe in the past, but modern marketing is all about striking a balance. Learn the natural movements of your customers then get one step ahead. This boils down to one key tactic: personalization.

Today’s consumers crave connections. The best way to enable this type of communication is to make your message more targeted, based on their past preferences. According to Marketing Profs, SAP and Forrester research indicated 66 percent of consumers claim that personalization positively affects their purchasing decisions. Yet only 16 percent of marketers reported being capable of capturing customer intent to fuel effective personalised marketing materials.

You want to nail the tango? Study the way your partner moves. Let the steps (data) determine your own movements. We promise you’ll know what to do next.

Understanding how a potential customer got from point A to point B is crucial.

Bringing It All Together
When preparing for your show, you want to make sure every aspect of the performance works together to create a cohesive experience. From costumes to lighting to music, all the elements must align and work together to create the optimal routine. Today there are quite a few ways a brand can connect with its audience. Whether it is an email campaign, social media or a direct click onto your website, each of these avenues should be treated as a single entity. Taking a piecemeal approach to campaigns is out of the question. You wouldn’t drum up a costume without considering the type of music, would you?

Modern marketing is all about taking an omnichannel approach to engagement. Consumers expect to pick up right where they left off when they switch channels. According to a study by Google, 90 percent of consumers who own more than one device use multiple screens when completing a task. Marketers need to master the art of point-to-point aggregation in order to ensure a truly seamless experience. Sure, maybe you found your perfect partner, heck, you may have even perfected the steps but if you can’t bring all the pieces together, your performance will ultimately fall flat.

Marketing is no longer about screaming into the void with your marketing message. It is a refined process that involves just as much skill as a professional tango routine. The cool part is, you have just as much power to wow your crowd as a real-life dance routine would. Be creative and use the tools at your disposal, the rest of the steps will fall into place.

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