Let’s double down on DoubleClick

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Let’s double down on DoubleClick

ToddTodd: Hello readers (and Cory)! Today we’ve got double the fun for you – literally – as we’re talking about the BlueConic connections with DoubleClick Campaign Manager and DoubleClick for Publishers.

Cory MunchbachCory: Two is always better than one, Todd, especially when it comes to connections – and desserts. When my brother was little and my mom gave him a treat, he’d always look up at her imploringly and say, “One for each hand?” Killer strategy, in my opinion.

ToddTodd: I’ll say! We’re applying that logic to today’s post. Let’s double down, shall we?
*badum ching!*

Cory MunchbachCory: Here we go. DoubleClick is a tour de force in digital advertising today; according to Datanyze numbers, DoubleClick owns just under 60% of the market share in the ad serving category, operating on more than 240,000 websites in the Alexa top 1 million.

ToddTodd: There are two distinct DoubleClick products with connections that we’re looking at, but we’ll start with DoubleClick Campaign Manager. This one is for marketing practitioners out there running digital advertising campaigns.

Cory MunchbachCory: BlueConic’s connection to DoubleClick Campaign Manager gives you the ability to place a Floodlight tag on a page, whereby you can then configure custom variables to send along with the Floodlight tag to DoubleClick Campaign Manager. The benefit? You can stop targeting entire segments of visitors who are a poor match for your advertising campaigns, or create new look-alike audiences based on data from your highest performing known and anonymous users.

ToddTodd: On the DoubleClick for Publishers (affectionately known as DFP) side, the connection is equally powerful, geared toward giving publishers the ability to define ad slots and ad details while handing off targeting parameters to the DoubleClick network. What’s the value, you ask? BlueConic profiles behavioral, technographic, and geographic data at the individual level for known and anonymous users in real-time. Even better, data from other sources (e.g. social sign-on, CRM, marketing database) can also be integrated in real-time or in incremental batches. By providing segmentation details and profile property values to the DFP connection, advertisers can more effectively target specific groups of visitors, improving overall click-through rates from your ad supported channels.

Cory MunchbachCory: Double your pleasure, double your fun on this huh?

ToddTodd: And now I want gum. Thanks for that.


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