MailChimp and BlueConic: bringing web and email – and two-word company names – together forever

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MailChimp and BlueConic: bringing web and email – and two-word company names – together forever

Cory: There are two reasons I’ve been excited to talk about the BlueConic connection with MailChimp for weeks now – the first is the awesomeness of the connection itself and the second is because I run through the entire MailChimp promo to the podcast Serial every single time I see it written or hear it said. Tell me you’ve heard it Todd?

ToddTodd: I have to admit that I am seriously behind on my podcasts (having a newborn at home will put you behind on a lot of things!) so I haven’t, but why is it so great?

Cory: Read this article in Ad Age about the phenomenon that is both Serial (and no joke, go listen to it) and one of its first advertisers, MailChimp. It’s fascinating – and totally great for the team over at MailChimp. BUT equally amazing is our technical connection with MailChimp.

ToddTodd: Indeed! That topic is one I am exceedingly well versed in. Quick overview about MailChimp – they’ve been around since 2001 and have more than 10 million individuals and companies using their email marketing capabilities. That translates to sending 600m emails per day, according to the company.

Cory: A lot of our customers use MailChimp for email and the accompanying activities – segmentation for lists, automation, analytics, etc. And the more aligned you can make the different aspects of your marketing – particularly dominant channels like web and email – the better off you’ll be interacting with your dynamic, omni-channel consumers.

ToddTodd: That’s precisely the benefit of the BlueConic/MailChimp integration, which allows you to push lists for triggered emails, configure custom variables to send to MailChimp, and configure MailChimp fields to import into BlueConic. You’re essentially creating a direct, real-time link between web activities and email response.

Cory: By importing MailChimp data into BlueConic, you can individualize your customers’ experience on-site or in-app. By using our behavioral data collection engine, you can enable a highly relevant email program for both drip campaigns and triggered emails.

ToddTodd: BlueConic customers often start planning on this step immediately after signing a contract. First comes data and on-site interactions, then comes email. They love the results achieved by shifting from email blasts to targeted emails based on behavioral data, and following through with relevant messages on-site.

Cory: Good stuff, Todd. Now – go listen to Serial.

ToddTodd: Seriously! It’s been on my list for far too long.


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