Make Marketing Great Again!

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Make Marketing Great Again!

I’ve been waiting weeks – maybe months – to have the right topic for that title and the day has finally arrived! Because, really, who doesn’t love a nice dose of sarcasm?

No one at BlueConic thinks we need to make marketing great “again” because marketing is a dynamic and evolving discipline. Great marketing is and has always been strategic, highly relevant, and response-inducing, whether that’s a conversion or an emotional reaction. It’s just how you do it successfully that (constantly) changes. Technology in particular is both obstacle and enabler to great marketing. We know that:

  1. Marketing tech stages are plagued by poor integration. And this is kind of a duh moment because if you send multiple people/departments to buy technology that they need to get their jobs done, of course they’re not going to buy those solutions so they neatly play with everything else in the sandbox.
  2. Keeping up with customers, then, is basically impossible. The lack of integration means there are multiple types and sources of data that exist entirely separate from the others. No marketer can follow along the consumer’s journey with only a partial map to rely on.
  3. Finding a way to integrate is daunting, expensive, and complicated. It’s absolutely possible to create a perfectly integrated, real-time, multi-channel tech stack – so long as you have infinite resources, budget, time, and patience. And if you have that…well, nicely done ?but your situation is unusual and the rest of us have to find another way to do our great marketing.

There’s a solution: The BlueConic customer data platform. Made for the modern marketer, simple and accessible, and supplying customer data that fuel measurable results across all phases of the customer life cycle.

Check out the video to see what we’re all about:



Or just acquire more valuable customers, improve their experience, and earn their loyalty all to drive better outcomes for your marketing. We can totally get behind that.

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