Marketers Get More Utility from Snowflake with BlueConic

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Marketers Get More Utility from Snowflake with BlueConic

Snowflake and data lake solutions like it are incredibly popular with IT and data scientists, with good reason. What’s not to love about the ability to store all of your structured and unstructured data across your business at a massive scale, using a single platform. But for the growth-focused business user, without extensive resourcing, data lakes can be inaccessible, labor-intensive, and force a dependence on IT.

Data science expert Michael Lukianoff says roughly 60-85% of companies’ big-data initiatives fail. The primary reason? Reliance on data lakes to solve business users’ problems.

If Snowflake is all the data, for any purpose at any time, a pure-play CDP can provide what Gartner calls the “right data, right purpose, right time” for business users.

But it’s not enough to buy a CDP and Snowflake and hope for the best.

BlueConic customers are making the most of Snowflake using our pure-play CDP as the orchestration and activation engine on top. This blog covers everything you need to know and why BlueConic is uniquely suited to be your CDP of choice when using Snowflake.

Make BlueConic Your Orchestration Layer

The right architecture

Data lakes like Snowflake are ideal for handling volume and variety of data — but not velocity. The Achilles heel of a data lake is that it’s not accessible for customer lifecycle orchestration. Unlike a data lake (and some other CDPs for that matter), every data point collected in BlueConic is translated into an attribute of an individual customer that is persistently stored in their profile. This allows you to, quite literally, put the customer at the center of everything you do.

“We store [customer data] in a more structured way...Then we cluster that data around a single customer entity, so the customer is the central object and data is structured around that customer.” BlueConic CEO Bart Heilbron

In this way, BlueConic flexes to meet all the needs of a modern organization – namely in its speed, adaptability, value, and utility to business users. Because data lakes weren’t designed to help teams act in real time, they shouldn’t be the centralized solution growth-focused teams tap into to execute in their day-to-day.

Some CDPs have taken the route of simply querying data lakes like Snowflake to make that data actionable – but this can lead to an incomplete view of the customer if you don’t also have the ability to write to a profile. Unfortunately, they operate that way because they lack the ability to flexibly store the data you need for your use case without exploding your costs or taking apart your current CDP instance. Because BlueConic was built to scale, our user profiles don’t become bloated or slow down processes as they grow. This means the data is always available for segmentation, enrichment, and activation, without having to delay for another process to run.

Increase the utility of your data

Having worked with dozens of enterprise customers over the years who seek the elusive “digital transformation,” we know one thing is for certain: CDP architecture matters. You need purpose-built technology that is meant to both unify and activate data and to eliminate processes that stand in the way of getting from unification to activation.

Making BlueConic your orchestration layer on top of Snowflake allows you to use data closer to the point of customer engagement.

That means you can quickly and confidently leverage the data in support of a wide range of activation use cases, including lifecycle marketing orchestration, modeling & analytics, digital products and experiences, and/or audience-based monetization. Suddenly, real-time means real-time and marketing doesn’t have to wait for other teams to execute.

Eliminate inefficiencies and dependencies to reduce time-to-market

Relying on data scientists to build segments and calculate customer scores in a separate tool means these requests are added to a long queue, widening the time from insight to action. Snowflake themselves state, “marketing teams that deploy customer data platforms can dramatically accelerate their test-and-learn cycles, since campaign KPIs become available much more quickly—in a matter of minutes, not days.”

For example, if you want to use engagement scores to target “highly engaged” customers in an email campaign, what good are those scores if you don’t receive them for two weeks? BlueConic allows marketers to add engagement scores and segment off of them for activation within minutes. All without writing a single line of code – and letting your data science teams get back to solving business problems, not data transformation problems.

Maintain privacy and move data securely between platforms

A massive database of first-party data is more than just an asset, it’s important and often private customer data that people have trusted to you. That’s one of the reasons why BlueConic was built from the ground-up with privacy and governance in mind, offering the ability to manage consent preferences on the front-end and federate across your entire stack on the back-end. This includes features like automatically suppressing specific records being activated through your ESP even if the consent preference was captured through your site.

If you operate from the perspective of customer experience, the choice becomes obvious. If your CDP doesn’t have this capability, you risk breaking the trust of your customers.

Our privacy-first and secure architecture not only ensures you can ingest data from Snowflake into BlueConic safely, you can also pass data back into Snowflake from BlueConic to enrich your data lake for use by technical teams. All without the risk of exposing customer data or violating privacy regulations, regardless of what regulation zone they are in.

To bring it all together, brands can maximize the value and utility of Snowflake by leveraging BlueConic’s best-in-class integration to create an orchestration and activation engine on top.

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