Marketing home runs, brought to you by Franklin Sports and BlueConic

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Marketing home runs, brought to you by Franklin Sports and BlueConic

An analytical marketer solves his conundrum with a customer data platform: a conversation with Scott Kennedy, Franklin Sports’ Director of Business Intelligence and eCommerce Analytics

Franklin Sports developed its business through a partnership network of retail websites. When they added their own direct-to-consumer website, Scott wanted to ensure that they were focused on building a relationship with those shoppers, not just give them the best deal. In advance of a case study about Franklin Sports and Scott’s work, we wanted to share some of his thoughts on what a CDP does for his company and work.

What value do you see in a CDP/BlueConic for Franklin?

I’m coming from more of an analytics background than traditional marketing, so the biggest value I see from a CDP include two major “analytical” components:

  • Data pipelines: We need seamless data pipelines between onsite customer activity and existing marketing tools (Facebook, MailChimp, etc). Data engineers are costing six figures now. BlueConic allows my data engineers to focus on other high value projects instead of scrambling to update their python code when the Facebook Ads API updates.
  •  Data volume: My digital marketing department isn’t ready to house the massive amounts of data we see from our website on the user level in our own database just yet. At best, we would only hold on to website activity for identified users. BlueConic broke down that wall for us.

What are you most excited about for marketing because of having BlueConic?

I’m most excited about understanding various components around transitioning a customer from “unknown” to “identified.” We all know the marketing game changes once you can get a user to log in. The use cases we’re going to be implementing include:

  • Using a BlueConic ’sign up’ light box, we will track the effectiveness of acquiring email addresses; essentially, a conversion rate for just that email box. We will A/B test the ‘sign up’ box w/ different offers and then further tailor those to be dependent on acquisition channel (e.g. the CPC campaign they clicked through) and/or predicted CLV.

In what areas do you see BlueConic as having the biggest impact for Franklin?

BlueConic will help me cross/up sell better (i.e. “retain” better). A high proportion of our sales occur in a single category. I need to build a personalized cross sell strategy in MailChimp that takes into account many components of my consumers 1st purchase (did they buy on discount? Did they look at any other categories? Did they come to our website directly or via CPC?).

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