Marketing Technology Maturity Model Announcement

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Marketing Technology Maturity Model Announcement

A truly user-driven marketing strategy leverages knowledge of the needs and wants of each individual user to deliver relevancy at every point of interaction, whether that’s a web user looking to make a purchase, an app user checking up on his loyalty points, or an e-mail user reading the latest newsletter. Every marketer knows this approach can improve results. But many are struggling with how to get started or what to do next.

So did industry analyst David Raab introduce a paper and accompanying maturity model about user-driven marketing authored for BlueConic in 2015. The recognition that there’s a whole lot more to customer data management than simply capturing it has probably dawned on many a modern marketer…but the question remains, “Okay – so what now??”

Today, we launched an online tool based on Raab’s maturity model so that marketers can assess their marketing org, strategy, and tools to identify where there are areas of success to build on and also areas in which you can improve.

Marketing Technology Maturity Model
The assessment takes about 5-7 minutes to complete and is split into three digestible sections. At the end of each, you’ll get your results for that section and we’ll also send you a report of your complete results at the end of the assessment.

Any questions or feedback, let us know!

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