The BlueConic Guide to No Excuses Marketing: A Sneak Preview

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The BlueConic Guide to No Excuses Marketing: A Sneak Preview

As a marketer, I think it’s really unique that I get to interact with our product and use it exactly the way it was built to be used – as an everyday marketer just like me would. I graduated with a B.A. in Communications from the University of Michigan (go blue!) and joined the professional world of marketing shortly after. All things coding and IT were practically a foreign language before I joined the BlueCrew, but since I am responsible for increasing traffic to, changing the content on our website, and making sure that content is best served to meet the needs of our visitors, technical aptitude is required to do all that efficiently and successfully. A lot goes into our digital marketing – and not every idea that I come up with is going to be a home run. We are busy day in and day out writing new emails, tweaking our website, and planning new campaigns in order to meet our marketing and sales goals. In an awesome twist of fate, the BlueConic product has simplified so many of these processes and by using our product to market our product (how #meta), my job is made a lot easier.

Have you ever had a ‘you need me to do what?!’ ? moment? That was me when I took on a more focused product marketing role and the accompanying set of responsibilities tied to improving acquisition, engagement and retention of visitors on our website. How do I put relevant lightboxes on our website (without logging a ticket for a developer no less)? How do I know who should see them and who shouldn’t? How do I know if it’s working?

I turned to BlueConic and educating myself on the many ways that it can help me do my job. There is a lot that the product offers and learning is an ongoing process but there were a few things that helped me most right from the beginning:

  1. Pre-built templates to teach me the basics of setting up targeted ads
  2. Simple, guided BluePrints to create different marketing programs in four straightforward steps
  3. Insights and reporting for a completely transparent and dynamic view of what I’m implementing.

Within a week I was creating my very first rotating banner with interchanging content for members of different segments (and this is coming from the girl whose only written line of code was “♥” on my BFF’s MySpace).

One of the best parts of my job is collaborating with different departments; not only do I love bringing marketing into other aspects of the company to help as best as I can, but I also truly enjoy and appreciate the opportunity to get to learn about each person’s responsibilities and what it takes to build a company when we all come together. I love learning about the work that is put behind building our product and website and even seeing some of my own ideas come to life. I have become intimately involved in our sales cycle to understand any challenges our sales team may be facing in order to continuously improve our lead generation efforts. But something that I look forward to the most is meeting with our customer success team to take a deep dive into what our customers are doing with BlueConic and the achievements that they are seeing (and what I can learn from them to apply here!). This also gives us a good opportunity to recognize the specific things that are going particularly well. From there we can figure out how to make our most used features the best they can possibly be for our variety of customers.

No matter how busy you are, there are just some things that you have #NoExcuses NOT to do. Our customers have giant to-do lists – being in the middle of product launch, reorganizing websites, handling large projects with a small marketing department – and through it all they are seeing tremendous results through BlueConic – some only weeks after signing a contract!

We want to dig in deep with the three things that no one can afford to not do. Check out our ‘No Excuses’ Webinar to find out what I and our customers are doing with BlueConic that greatly enrich your marketing tactics yet are simple enough to be implemented right out of the gate.

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