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Optimize this!

Cory MunchbachCory: Hey Todd!! How’s recovering from Thanksgiving going?

ToddTodd: It’s a process, Cory, but one foot in front of the other right?

Cory MunchbachCory: Absolutely. And no time to languish in a turkey hangover because we’re entering the final stretch of the year and there’s SO MUCH to do! Including…talk about our amazing integration with Optimizely.

ToddTodd: A terrific one indeed. Optimizely hit the market in 2010 as a disruptor of long-standing testing and optimization tools because it did a great job of focusing on being user-friendly, with little technical know-how required to get up and running with A/B tests. They’ve also got a great services ecosystem, and customers are big proponents.

Cory MunchbachCory: Which is a big reason why the integration BlueConic has with Optimizely is so great: it makes a fan-favorite A/B testing tool even better. How? Well, an A/B test typically takes a random sample of traffic and runs a test of two variants to see which performs better. Aside from some common pitfalls we see marketers run into with this, the bigger issue tends to be the target of the tests.

ToddTodd: Right – instead of picking a broad swath of your web traffic, which is basically the digital version of mass marketing, you’re far better off testing certain variants for specific segments. It makes the tests themselves far more meaningful.

Cory MunchbachCory: Enter BlueConic which, through the integration with Optimizely, sends real-time segments based on individual customer profiles to use for tests, adding another layer of rich behavioral data to Optimizely’s existing audience-building capabilities.

ToddTodd: Better tests, better results, I always say.


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