Why Publishers Personalize a Reader’s Experience

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Why Publishers Personalize a Reader’s Experience

It’s not surprising that today’s digital world has changed the way publishers and readers interact. With more data on their readers, publishers have the opportunity to turn flyby readers into loyal subscribers.

Capturing that data in a customer data platform (CDP) allows publishers to use first-party audience data to enhancing various facets of their marketing: from ad targeting to catering customized content to readers based on reading and browsing experience.

In a recent user group meeting with some of our top publishing customers, we learned how these brands use BlueConic to personalize content and experiences for their readers. Our publishers discussed challenges around revenue growth and how they address two key areas:

  • Driving more newsletter signups  
  • Acquiring new publication subscribers

While each publisher had different approaches to overcoming these challenges, they all leveraged reader data stored in BlueConic and our metering solutions to provide a personalized experience and drive revenue.

Find out how they each approach metering to increase subscribers. 


Incentivized, relevant offers key to publishers’ personalization strategies

One travel magazine saw an increase in newsletter sign-ups by incentivizing readers to give them more personal information in exchange for a few more free articles.

Readers could sign up for a newsletter to get three more free articles; or create a login to enjoy two more free articles.  

This model let the magazine build a deeper understanding of its readers by enabling BlueConic to track the users’ behavior and attach it to a known profile.

The magazine created unique customer segments and lead scores for each reader and stored individual-level data for each reader in a BlueConic profile.

Because BlueConic has progressive and persistent profiles, BlueConic continually collects data about the reader’s behaviors and preferred content so you can better communicate with them in the future.

The magazine used the information they gathered about each reader to target them with more relevant ads, upping their ad revenue. 

Encourage readers with high lead scores to subscribe

A weekly publication saw success by changing their metering model. It started to see more subscriptions and newsletter sign-ups when they use readers’ lead scores (based on their behavior) as a basis for their paywall.  

If the reader was not ready to subscribe, the publication incentivized them to share more information. If the reader exhibited behaviors that brought up their lead scores, the reader would then immediately see a paywall.

Using a metering model that responded to a readers’ behavior, the weekly publication captures a new subscriber at a moment in time where they were most likely to want content, and therefore, be willing to pay for it.

Additionally, having information about readers’ lead score also allows you to personalize your asks across channels.   

Request log-ins in exchange for personalized experience

In addition to a metered paywall, one newspaper implements what it calls a “login” nudge, which incentivizes readers to log in to have a better experience. It allowed the paper to match what info it had on its readers in the ESP with real-time onsite behavior.

Logging in improved the readers’ website experience by including ads that are more relevant to the visitors, serving fewer ads overall, and personalizing content recommendations.   

We learned from our publishing customers that adjusting a metering model to your readers’ behavior leads to more subscribers. Because BlueConic stores individual-level data, each reader’s experience will be personal.

Not only will your readers have a personalized metering experience, but you can increase ad revenue by being smarter about targeting.

Publishers increase ad revenue by serving readers ads that best suit their interests, thereby increasing the likelihood a reader clicks on a specific ad.

Find out how BlueConic customer Brief Media boosts subscriptions and lowers its churn rate with help from our pure-play CDP in this case study video.


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